THE BABY BOMBSHELL (Shadow Creek, Montana #2)


Lily Cookson has a few rules for the New Year, the most important being don't fall for Jack Bailey. The gorgeous, rugged man returned with a new look and a determination to win her back, catching her off guard. After a forbidden night in his arms, she vows never to let it happen again. But when morning sickness kicks in a few weeks later, Lily realizes staying away from Jack just got a whole lot harder. 

Jack Bailey left Shadow Creek behind five years ago when his world imploded around him, knowing it would be best for everyone if he was gone...including Lily. It took him a long time to get his life back on track and grow into the kind of man she needs him to be. Now he's determined to prove to Lily that he's back for good and ready to commit, but the secrets she's holding onto are nothing compared to the bombshell he drops...

     What a heartfelt moving story this was.  Of a family that had suffered a great loss of a son and grandson.  All at once.  A twin son who was left behind with not only the guilt but the same face but the feeling that he would be an awful reminder to everyone that the better son had died instead.
     You see Michael who had died along with his very young son, was a lawyer like his father and had a beautiful wife.  Everything he touched seemed to turn to gold as they say.
     Where Jack Bailey was the gentle kind hearted son always ready to lend a hand.  Engaged to Lily.  He was working toward their future to buy this ten-acre farm, a fixer-upper.
     In a blink-of-an-eye that all changed in a freak car accident.  Michael had taken a road no one liked to take and that ended his life and that of his sons.  Tearing his family apart.
     Jack was supposed to take Matthew to the movies but had been asked to do a double at work.  So, that is why he felt so guilt ridden.  Not being able to cope with that and the twin connection being broken rather than tearing everyone around him down he left.
     Jack signed on with a company and stayed gone.  Lily was crushed and heartbroken.  She tried reaching out to him especially when tragedy struck but nothing.  Then it hit a point where she never wanted to ever see him again.  Or so she said.  It was a lie. One, she loved him.  Two, he was her best friends brother.  Since they had almost been her family she didn’t like seeing them suffer. 
     Then one day, five years too late Jack comes walking back into all their lives on Christmas eve.  It’s New Year’s, Eve.  She had dressed to make him see what he had walked out on.  When he said something stupid and she made a scene.  Then, stormed out half lite with alcohol.  Of course, Jack went looking for her.
     Since she was too drunk and she was too pisses to talk he drove her home he followed her in because she couldn’t get the key in the lock.  Well, one thing leads to another.  He stayed the night after the romp in the hay.  But the next morning she says not to get his hopes up her New Year’s resolution is “No More Jack.”

     This was an interesting mix of funny and sad.  Laughable and poignant moments.  Yet, always around family and being faithful in belief.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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