ENTWINED (Recovery Series #2)

ENTWINED                                                    J.C. HARROWAY

Your true family is the one you choose...

When nurse Jess Bellamy returns to her hometown for a cousin’s wedding, she hopes to completely avoid her ex and first love, Morgan Price. But Morgan is the best man, and the groom’s best friend, so try as she might, Jess can’t avoid him. Teenage Morgan, she got over. Grown up Morgan is infinitely hotter, infinitely more successful, and infinitely harder to ignore.

When they re-kindle the explosive physical connection between them, Jess hopes they've burned it out of their systems. She left everything behind five years ago after her father’s funeral, including Morgan, and she's leaving again in two days. She had good reasons for going, and good reasons for staying away.

But as Morgan and Jess explore their searing passion during that lost weekend, Jess is tempted by what might have been and haunted by the ghosts of what was. She has two days to decide whether to keep her secrets or keep the only man she's ever loved.

     This was a very interesting and very hot story.  The story revolves around Jess Bellamy who left home at seventeen for reasons only her bitchy mother Carol knows.  Her father has passed away but on the day of his death is when everything in Jess’ life peeked out of control.
     You see she had or should I say still is madly and truly in love with Morgan Price.  From the first time, she saw him the new kid walk at school with a purpose.  She loved his confidence, his sense of style, and his “F” you attitude.
     When they became an item nothing and no one else existed.  They were always together at each other’s homes her at his mostly due to her mother.  But he and her dad got along great because they both loved to restore old cars.  At the same time, they were volatile together.  They loved hard and fought harder, and learned the make-up sex was euphoric.
     Well, on this one week Jess was fighting over everything.  Morgan couldn’t seem to keep up.  So, he backed off.  Jess was worried over this fight that maybe she took it too far but couldn’t seem to talk to him yet.  They had never fought like this one before.  Soon, after her dad dies and Morgan wanted to be there for her but she was numb and distant not to mention her mother was accusing her of her father’s death.  She was a blank shell of herself.
     After the funeral, she told Morgan and Mel her cousin and BFF that she needed time and was going to stay with and aunt for a while.  Well, that small time out turned to be five years.  With Mel getting married she wants and needs to be there but the idea of going to Swansea where all the memories, ghosts, and secrets are does not appeal to her.  Most of all it is where she left her heart and soul—Morgan. 

     You will enjoy this short.  You see how important a first-time love can be and change the outcome and outlook of our lives at a young age.  Not to mention how lies, lies compounded, lies of omission, and fear can destroy.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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