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 Pepper Chapman refuses to throw in the towel. Six months ago, she made the biggest mistake of her life. Blinded by grief after her mom’s death, Pepper abandoned the man she loves. Now she wants a second chance at everything she gave up: strong hands driving her to ecstasy . . . a deep voice whispering naughty promises in her ear . . . the future they’d planned since they were teenagers. So, Pepper comes home looking for forgiveness, ready for a new beginning—if he’s willing to give her a shot.

Retired MMA star Tank Sherman may be used to low blows, but Pepper’s emotional sucker punch left him reeling. Trying to ignore the pain and forget the pleasure of her body beneath his, Tank is prepared to ring the final bell on their relationship. Then Pepper shows up out of the blue, radiating pure sex. But Tank won’t let himself get hurt again, and that means resisting the heat that still burns between them. Because if he takes Pepper back, he knows he’ll never be able to let her go again.

Pepper hated winter with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns and all the bullshit snow and ice that came along with it. So, coming home in the middle of one of the coldest winters on record was a pretty big deal. She couldn’t have been happier when the restaurant door banged shut behind her, nicely sealing off the crud weather she’d just trudged through. Give her the tropics anytime.
The urgent need to leave the steamy heat of Bali for Toronto in the middle of winter proved just how important this trip home was. Too bad her timing sucked. But she’d finally come to terms with everything that transpired over the past year and a half, and knowing exactly what she needed to do, it had to happen smack dab in the middle of the approaching ice age. So much for global warming.
She glanced back at the foyer and out the window into the blizzard. The door still shook in its frame after it closed as the wind howled against the solid wood as if wanting to reach in and pull her back outside. Pepper shivered and stepped deeper inside the restaurant and wondered if the bang of the door announced her arrival to all those within. Tank in particular. Her plans for a stealthy entrance were dashed.
Turning her back on the blinding snow outside, she hoped if she played her cards right, she’d not have to go back out into it tonight. It all depended on Tank. She sighed, hoping the hotel room she’d booked and prepaid for online wouldn’t be needed. No way did she relish the thought of battling that snowstorm again. She’d rather face Tank—as daunting as that may be—than go brave the cold all over again. Even though her flight instinct was on high alert, she refused to run away from him. She’d already done that six months ago.
Bolting had been her response to a terrible situation. Pepper needed time to come to terms with her mom’s death and how it all came about. Her spontaneous actions jeopardized everything else in her life, having been distraught over the suddenness and reason her mom had died. Blaming herself in the process, she lost sight of everything else around her. Including her relationship with Tank. So here she was now, hat in hand, back to beg for forgiveness. At the very least she hoped he would listen to her and not throw her out. Had the shoe been on the other foot, she knew exactly how she’d have reacted. And it wouldn’t have been pretty. But she was a different woman now. Changed. And she was desperate for Tank to see it.

After the Hurt is a year old now! I love that story so hard. But I have a great new story out that I wish all the readers would find. Working Girl! It is out now. Has been translated in Brazil into Portuguese, coming in German this December under the name Diamond Men. Soon in French, Spanish and Dutch! I hope you all go and check it out.
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Tess has been determined to get revenge for her father, ever since he was falsely accused of misusing company funds and unceremoniously let go from Diamond Enterprises. Applying to be Executive Assistant to the elusive, elderly head of the company, Mr. King, seems the ideal way to get inside the firm and clear his name.
But the job interview is not what she expects. Arriving at the company HQ, she is escorted to a helicopter, blindfolded and flown to a secret location. She meets a man whose voice is disguised, but introduces himself as Mr King and says the job advertisement was a ruse to find the new CEO of Diamond Enterprises. The catch, the interviewer says, is that the job will only be hers if she passes a seven-day interview.
Tess will have seven mysterious men who will assist her - one for each task each day. She will have to use all of her skills if she's to succeed and to resist the powerful magnetism of the irresistible men sent to help - or distract - her. Or will Tess find herself losing her heart when she meets her man of the week?
Mr. Monday, Mr. Tuesday, Mr. Wednesday, Mr. Thursday, Mr. Friday, Mr. Saturday, Mr. Sunday. Meet all seven in Working Girl - who will be your man of the week? 
He entered the reception area and dwarfed it. I stared at him, my heart pounding. Was my interview with him? He turned to the receptionist, glancing up from his phone, and said something to her that I wasn’t able to hear. I tried to hold back a frown when she giggled and flirted. He smiled at her and tapped his fingers on the desk a couple of times – he had big hands, too – before turning around. Then he was in front of me, and I stared up at him. I waited for a brief moment before deciding that I should stand. I struggled to get up. It was as if the damn chair had suctioned me in. I wiggled, trying to get my legs under me so I could rise gracefully.
‘Ms. Canyon?’ the dark and dangerously gorgeous man asked. He reached out and offered his hand.
‘Yes.’ I tilted my head so I could meet his gaze. I’d started using my mother’s maiden name when I was in my late teens. Otherwise, one internet search and all the scandalous gossip about Diamond’s betrayal of Dad would be revealed.
Taking his hand was absolutely the wrong thing to do. His touch was electric, and heat rocketed up my arm and into my chest, drawing all the oxygen out of my lungs. I glanced at our fingers to see if there were, literally, sparks flying. I allowed him to help me to my feet.
Shana Gray is a hybrid author who was first published in 2010. She has written contemporary erotic romances for multiple publishers including Harlequin Blaze, Random House, and Headline and is also an indie author. Her stories range from scorching quickie length to longer full-length novels. Shana's passion is to enjoy life! She lives in Ontario but loves to travel and see the world, be with family, friends and experience the beauty that surrounds us.
Visit her online at
Twitter @shanagray_
Facebook: Shana Gray

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