MARRYING HIS BEST FRIEND (The McKinnon Brothers #3)


Single mom Maura Callahan never anticipated that at age 29 she’d be living with her mom in the suburbs, raising her young daughter, Chloe, and working a job that pays the bills but not much else. Her daughter is worth the struggle– and she still has her best friend Aidan, who makes her laugh, keeps her on her toes, and provides the oh-so-toned shoulder to cry on when necessary. 

Aidan McKinnon, exec at a high profile social media company in the heart of Dublin, has longed to change his bestie status with Maura for years, but it seems Maura’s relegated him permanently to the friend zone. Still, she and Chloe are his world. But when Chloe’s father shows up out of the blue and demands shared custody when he’s never once met the little girl, Aidan sees a way to finally have what he secretly wants most while ensuring Maura and Chloe’s safety… and the diamond ring is just the beginning. 

Will Aidan’s fiercely protective, knight in shining armor proposal of convenience end up starting the love of a lifetime? 

The McKinnon Brother series 
Book 1: All I Want for Christmas 
Book 2: The Doctor's Love 
Book 3: Marrying His Best Friend

     What an interesting friend to lover’s love story this was.  A quick romance that took a decade to form.  You see Maura Callahan and Aiden McKinnon met in College.  But she was already spoken for by a friend.  He became friends with her although he’s positive his heart fell in love that day.  Who knows where that ex is.
     All the relationships after just never seemed to work for her putting a hole in his heart after helping her mend hers because he knew he could love and treat her better.  He just either never found the right moment to tell her or the nerve.  Either way, ten years has now passed.
     It’s not like the last four and a half to five years have been carefree for Maura.  You see, the last ex she was with, Niall, she had a baby by.  Chloe is the apple of her eye as well as Aiden’s for he is her godfather.  The thing is she needed help and moved home.  Her mother helped with the day to day with Chloe so she could work.  Aiden tried as much as he could to come twice a week to help out.  Niall, walked out one night after raging and he’s not been heard from. Until…
     You see Aiden was about to declare when there was knock on Maura’s door so his talk of a trip with her to N.Y. from their home in Dublin had to wait.  You see Maura’s worst nightmare came knocking.  Totally enjoyed the emotion and passion that these characters evoked as I read it.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by

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