Mandy Richardson has always wanted a husband and lots of kids. She knows Ben Hartley isn't a forever kind of guy, so she struggles to keep her feelings for him friends only. But she can't help her growing attraction. Then one night their relationship blossoms into more, and soon Mandy discovers she's pregnant. 
Ben still bears the scars of a painful past—a past that has him avoiding love and commitment. When Mandy tells him he's going to be a dad, he worries he won't measure up. After all, his own father was far from a role model. But he's fallen hard for Mandy, and now it's up to him to prove he's a better man—a stronger man—than he thought. 
     Very cute story.  Small-town family drama is always so much fun.  The characters seem to never disappoint.  This one did not either.
     Mandy Richardson and Ben Hartley.  Were raised in Blue Falls, Texas.  Mandy was born there.  Ben was adopted and was blessed to be adopted by a great set of parents that took in his siblings also all from different families.  In all the years Mandy knew Ben each year that they went to school she may be able to count on both hands how many times they spoke more than a few words to each other.
     After high school, they would exchange polite hellos, that’s about it.  Mandy now works at a yarn store owned by her bestie Devon.  After being on her feet for eight hours, due to the holidays coming, she planned on picking up dinner and visiting her mom.  She just wanted off her feet and out of the sweltering heat.  So, upon leaving the restaurant a car crash happened so close and was loud that it rattled her and making her drop her dinners all over the sidewalk.  When she looks up there in the parking lot rammed into the back of her little car is a pickup.
     When she gets around to the driver’s side of the truck a handsome sexy cowboy comes stumbling out.  Could he be drunk?  She thinks.  That can’t be he’s not the type.  He has a red mark by his temple.  The first thing he says is, “The bird did it.”  So, maybe he is or he has a concussion.  But she’s never known him or heard about Ben Hartley being a drinker.
     When all of a sudden, a bird comes flying out of the cab of the truck.  The both of them duck and start laughing.  He was never going to outlive this story.  Poor guy.  From that moment on they were laughing and talking and so was the town.  Before Ben could get Mandy home since her car was not drivable.  Word had traveled.  His siblings were teasing the minute he got out of the truck.

     This was a funny book that also dealt with issues that some adults that are adopted must face when choosing the next steps in their lives.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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