MY VALENTINE ADVENTURE                               AMBER DAULTON

Parker Townsend raised his children alone after he lost his beloved wife to cancer. When his two little hellions placed a ‘Mom Wanted’ ad in the local paper, Parker found himself roped into an unwanted blind date. 
Claire Lauer answered the want ad with few expectations and met Parker on Valentine’s Day, a day she hated with a passion. As an animal rights activist and a divorcĂ©e, she felt more comfortable with a placard in her hand than in the company of a handsome man with emotional baggage. 
After a protest takes a turn for the worse, she seeks shelter in her date’s arms and loses time in his bed. Will Parker and Claire find the courage to lay their fragile hearts on the chopping block by morning, or will they forever live in a world of gray?

     For being short, this story had all the elements needed in those 60 pages for a full-on manuscript of a couple hundred pages.  There are some books I have read that have pages that number in the hundreds that don’t give off the same feeling good feelings this one does.
     It was funny in the way you had two brothers who liked to play jokes on one another as well as one-up each other.  Then you have the touching way you have two young children ten and five who are worried about their father Parker Townsend.
     You see three years ago Parker and his children, Richie and Tammy lost Cynthia, his beloved wife to leukemia.  Since then Parker has been doing his best to get by.  The thing is the children have waited long enough.
     They have been asking Parker for a new mommy and nothing.  So, they decided to take out an ad for a mom wanted.  Since their uncle works at the paper in classified he was able to put his phone number to screen the calls.  When they narrowed it down, Tammy, Niles wife, and Parker’s children went to scope her out. 
     Then, Niles acting like his younger brother, Parker, set up the date for that Valentine’s evening.  Claire Lauer had agreed a few days before.  Niles had made reservations at a very swanky restaurant.  It’s all set except for one thing.  He has to calls and tells Parker the morning of Valentine or he won’t go.
     Parker wants to be angry with his kids but when he sees their sad faces when they know how angry he is at their uncle he can’t be mad at them.  But he can at his brother.  So, he sugars up the kids before his brother picks them up for the overnighter.  Pay back is a bitch. 
     When he sees Claire, he is speechless.  She is nothing that he expects.  You see she is a vegetarian, an activist, and a woman looking for love in the want ads.  See how these two get n.  You won’t want to miss it.  I give it 5 stars.  Provided author.

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