THE CEO'S NANNY AFFAIR (The Ballantyne Billionaires #3)

THE CEO'S NANNY AFFAIR                                       JOSS WOOD

Sexy single-dad billionaire meets temporary nanny... When Tate Harper's sister disappears, the globe-trotting TV host is suddenly the caregiver for her infant niece. She has to find her sister ASAP! Enter single father and sexy CEO Linc Ballantyne, her sister's ex. He's a family man to the core, and he'll help Tate--if she agrees to be his temporary live-in nanny. Soon she's juggling a baby, a toddler and a growing attraction to the billionaire Ballantyne. But when it's time to go back to her real life, will she pack her bags or stay and find out what being a family really means? 

Connections to our past lives can cost us a lot of pain, heartache, sleep, selective memory loss, relationship, and time.  Most of all love.  We tend to either fear it, restrict it, withhold it, or run from it, in order not to get hurt.  That is exactly what Tate Harper was trying to do.  All in the name of her traveling food show.
     The only thing is she couldn’t out run her hurtful childhood memories of her aunt and her cousin/sister, Kari moving in and never leaving.  Causing her parents to fight and the breakup of their marriage eventually.  Her dad told her mom, him or her twin sister.  She picked her twin.  He walked away never looking back for either of them.  Breaking Tate’s heart.
     Then, when Kari’s mom dies Tate’s mom adopts her and treats her better, therefore, losing her mom too.  Because her mom never set rules for Kari she became out of control that by 16 she was a handful.  Tate was counting the days until she was 18 so that she could move out to be an adventure she wanted to be.  Anything to get away from her mom and Kari.
     When she gets a call from Kari saying to meet her for a lunch in NY at the start of her two-month vacation she says fine she would.  When she gets to the small diner she doesn’t see Kari.  Being she looks a lot like Kari except for the eyes.  She has brown and Kari has blue.  The lady says yes that she was here that she had just gone into the restroom and she pointed out the booth she had been sitting at. 
     When she sits she sees a stroller between the booth of where she was sitting and the mixed-race couple.  The baby looked to be theirs.  Making her think of her nephew the baby that Kari had given up four years ago and how she wishes she had been allowed to visit.  When she notices the couple leaving but without the baby.  When she calls out to them that they were forgetting their baby they say it’s not theirs.  She gets a sick feeling.  She asks the waitress to check the restroom.  Sure, enough while they all had their backs turn Kari had slipped out.
     She starts looking in the diaper bag.  Sure, enough there is an envelope with her name.  It tells her that she needs her to take her daughter to raise.  If she is freaking out and needs help go to her son, Shaw’s father he is a billionaire and he will help her.  Being one to never ask for help she wants to say no.  But she is truly freaking out.  She has to do what is best for the baby.  She calls.
     Tate is pissed and scared.  She hates asking.  But this time she really needs it.  See how these two very strong personalities resolve this new problem that Kari leaves them with.  See how they heal their past hurts together.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at


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