JUST FRIENDS                              MARIE COLE

Fans of new adult authors like Abbi Glines and Jamie McGuire will love this brand new book by Marie Cole about being in love with your best friend. And how much it really sucks.

He's my first crush.
I'm his best friend.
When we are pushed into a room alone together sparks start to fly and there isn't anything anyone can do to put out the fire that sizzles between us.
Except maybe her
His girlfriend.
With her, on his arm, there couldn't be a worse time to explore the depth of my feelings for him.
So, for now, we're #JustFriends.
...Or are we?

Note to the reader: This the first in the #JustFriends series.
Series Order
Just Friends (Kent & Elly - College)
Old Friends (Kent & Elly - HEA)
Fast Friends (Rio & Stacy - HEA)
Secret Friends (James & Ainsley - HEA)

     This is book one in a four book series I was a book that was so good it made me keep wanting to keep turning those pages.  Yet, the two main characters Elly and Kent although at first start off as this set of friends who were so close, that they at eight had made a pack to always remain friends no matter what.  By their freshman year in college Kent had all but forgotten that when in his freshman year in high school he had gotten a girlfriend.
     Kent meets this girl, Jen, who moves into town who is brash, crude, rich, and oh yeah, a skinny and sexy BITCH.  All the things Elly is not.  And not she is not a BITCH because she is skinny and sexy she is just a plain BITCH.  Elly and Kent try to keep up their friendship which was so much easier living next door to each other.  But Jen’s jealousy starts putting a wedge between them.  Breaking Elly’s heart because she had already known She was in love with Kent.
     But the real break came the summer of their freshman year of college Kent never called or texted Elly, at all.  That was okay though she used that time though visiting her grandmother to make a new and in proved Elly.  So, coming back for her Sophomore year she was the bomb.  Guys were all over her.
     All guys except the one she wanted until she loses her “V-Card” and he overhears her telling her female best friend about what happened.  Kent starts sexually teasing Elly, into believing that he is in love with her, and there’s something there.  Yet, he breaks her and goes back to Jen.  What he says to his mother after brunch and Elly were coming out of the restroom would have opened my eyes.
     Not, Elly, she deserves what she gets because she keeps going on each time as if.  Allow him to get away with it.  Friendship or not you teach people how to treat you.  She taught Kent that it’s okay to use me and abuse my feelings and our friendship any way you want.

     The way it ended pissed me off.  It’s okay though I had the box set.  If I didn’t have the box set to read the rest of their romance and how it works out I would have even more pissed.  And I would have given it a 3 star.  Since I have the box set and I really was captured by the story and the characters did give me something to stress about.  I have given it 4 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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