ON THE PLUS SIDE                        ALISON BLISS

The second book in a laugh-out-loud new contemporary romance series from Alison Bliss!

Big girls don't cry. They go after what they want.

Thanks to her bangin' curves, Valerie Carmichael has always turned heads-with the exception of seriously sexy Logan Mathis. Just Valerie's luck that the object of her lust-filled affection is also best friends with her overprotective brother. But Valerie's determined to get Logan's attention . . . even if it means telling a teeny little lie to get a job at his new bar.

Logan can't remember a time when Valerie didn't secretly fuel all his hottest fantasies. Now the curvaceous she-devil is working behind his bar, tempting him every damn night. It's only when he finds Valerie's naughty things-to-do list that Logan decides to break every rule in the book-by making each red-hot deed a reality.

No one warned them that they were going to fall this hard. And no one warned them that sometimes the smallest secrets can have the biggest consequences.

     This was one funny, sexually stimulating, and often intense read.  The chemistry that rolls off these two characters once they are presented on the page together is steamy hot.
     Valerie Carmichael is the little sister by four years, to her overly protective brother, Brett.  You would think at her age of twenty-six he would have backed off already but no.  He even has problems with her male friends hugging her as Max the guy to be the best to her being the maid-of-honor at their besties wedding found out.
     Max being a stir stick, however, did it to see if all accounts that Val had given about her brother were true, they were.  Of course, they were.  Brett instantly hating Max and Max laughing at the whole thing.  Val finally gets Brett to leave her to talk to Max while he gets their drinks.  Max says, “Thought you weren’t coming tonight?”  She explained that her brother drugged her.
     Then, the couple getting married joined them, Leah and Sam.  Leah was surprised that she was there too.  Leah owns the bakery where Val works and they have been friends forever.  When she sees the line of sight where Val keeps looking off to and realizes Brett is talking to…Logan Mathis, Val’s old crush and Brett’s best friend she reacts.
     Leigh says, “Now it all makes sense.”  She understands why she came.  She asks if she’s talked to him.  Val’s like she not had a chance with just moving into her place and with him opening a new bar.  Then Leigh’s like, “Whoa wait you mean this is his bar?”  Not to mention that he has been gone from Granite for 8 years and they have had nothing in common before so there is really nothing to talk to him about he is just my brother’s friend.
     The next thing she knows she sees Leigh waving over Brett and along comes, Logan.  Their almost to them when Leigh tells Sam and Max let’s go get in line for more drinks.  Val yells, “Traitor!”  When they see each other their eyes lock for a second too long.  “Well, well.  If it isn’t Princess Valerie.”
     To her response with a hint of irritation because she hated when he called her princess.  “Logan heard you came back.  Houston got tired of you and kicked you out?”  Logan was not happy to see her and the same for Val.  Not because they didn’t want because God knows they did.  They had been in love with each other since their teens.  But with Brett, it couldn’t be.
     So, when Brett went to go get their drinks they did a whole lot of verbal sparring.  Which of course turned into flirting and then verbal intercourse almost.  Yet, when Logan saw Brett out of the corner of his eye coming and he backed off and used harsh angry words on her.  Walking away.  Leaving her hurt and confused.
     Later when she is cornered in a hallway by someone and he sees it incorrectly and won’t let her explain it causes havoc in the bar.  She offers to help behind the bar he says no.  But when fights break out and it leaves them shorthanded she jumps in.  When she volunteers to take up the slack until he can hire someone she lets him believe she has the bartender license required.  Since she has all her fancy bar talent he says he can wait till she finds it.  But things get out of control.
     I liked this book a lot the characters were full of fun antics that didn’t start out that way.  They started out as friendly help fun only turned into crazy mishaps instead.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com. 

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