Falling out of love with Colby Ryan wasn’t working…

There hasn’t been a woman who’s held Colby Ryan’s heart for long, not since his teenage love went awry twelve years ago. Now, all of a sudden, Dakota Jennings, his longtime family friend and trusted wrangler on the Circle R ranch, is catching his eye. For Dakota’s sake, Colby won’t ever give in to the temptation she poses.

Dakota has been secretly in love with Colby since the age of ten, but his sense of honor and the Texas code he lives by won’t allow her permanence in his heart. Up until this point, he’d never hinted at romance between them and yet, falling out of love with him just plain isn’t working.

Colby has always protected Dakota, and he isn’t about to stop now. If he gives in to his desire, she stands to lose far too much. Colby doesn’t deserve her love, he’s already ruined one life, but the binds that tie them are strong. Can Dakota be the woman to redeem his broken soul?

     They talk about horse sense a lot when referring to those who have been brought up on a ranch.  Well, at least been around horses.  Those with horse sense usually are smart and practical.  One to be counted on to make good decisions.
     That is exactly what Dakota Jennings had thought most of her life about Colby Ryan her good friend and boss.  What he had never figured out in all these years is that she has been in love with him since she was ten.  Being he was fifteen at the time she was always just a child he had to look out for.  Their moms were BFF’s.
     But she’s all grown up now and one of the best horse wranglers around.  So, she not only does that job for him but much more.  She's never minding until lately.  After two weeks away staying with the mom’s in Arizona she is done waiting for him to see her.  She plans to start dating.  When she mentions her mom’s getting back on the horse so to speak he is all for it.  But when she mentions she’s going to take her mom’s lead he gets kind of defensive.
     He really gets bent when the sexy young stud her own age comes over to give her the house key and help her with her luggage after she told Cole she had them.  When he asks Brett why he has a key to her house Brett says to water her plants of course and to be able to free up some of her space on her DVR, all those romantic movies she likes to take up too much space.  Duh!  Was the look he got.  Let’s just say he had no club first of all that she liked romantic movies and two he had no clue she had any house plants.  Not to mention Brett was not going to be having a pleasant time at poker by the look on Coles face Brett tease Dakota later.
     When Brett walks to the porch he tells Day, “You wouldn’t let me carry your luggage for you.”  Sounding wounded she thought.  She tells him he’s just trying to be neighborly.  He storms off getting in his truck and driving off in a huff.
     Over the next several days Cole’s life becomes more complicated.  Day isn't acting or responding to him in the same way she normally does.  Not to mention her first day back Brett brings her to work.  When he asks her why?  She says, “Really?  Cole, do you remember why you picked me up at the airport in the first place?  My car is in the shop.”  He felt really stupid.  He also forgot he had hired Brett to work on the stables.
     So, every time he turned around he and Day were laughing and talking during their breaks.  The final straw was when she was in the barn and he walked in to get his gear to take Ella on a horseback ride.  She was hugging Brett.  When he asks what is going she could tell he was mad.  Well, then she got mad too because she said she was hugging him because it is his birthday.
     What really pissed her off was when he says you never hug anyone for their birthday.  She says, “Yes, I do.  Ask any one of the guys I just don’t hug you.”  So, later that day at lunch that they eat together every day he asks her for a birthday hug and…
     You will have to read to see what this feisty young cowgirl does.  She’s smart enough to know that God gave her curves but her boss at her second job, “Barely There” gives her the sexy under clothing to sweetin’ the pot.  The under clothing, he never knew she liked to wear under her standard jeans and shirt for working with the horses.  She needs to make her point that she is not just one of his work hands and just his best bud.  She is all woman.

     I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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