My best friend’s little sister wants a baby.
And she wants me to be the daddy.
It comes with being rich. 
Women always come on to me. 
But never like this. 
It’s all so… wrong. 
I watched Hanna grow up as the little girl next door. 
Now my filthy mind is all over grown-up curves. 
Her brother would kill me. 
I won’t agree to knocking her up. 
But I’ll f*ck her anyway… 
In my car. 
In my office. 
In her room when her parents aren’t home. 
No one will ever hear her scream my name. 
But sh*t.
Accidents happen.
And there’s nothing secret about a baby bump.

This Billionaire’s Baby Romance is a full 80000-word novel. Love and babies? You bet!
And because I know you love baby romances, I’ve included a never-before-published novel titled, The Billionaire’s Surrogate, and single daddy romance called, Misbehave. Yes, please!

xx Tia
Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you. 



     It always intrigues me the way books are markets.  So salacious to catch the eye.  Which it did.  But, the story itself was really a good one about wanting to be a mom.  That yes, is about a whole lot of rabbit sex.  Hey, a new couple who may not know what the “L” word is or feels like but they can’t seem to be without one another or stop thinking of one another.
     Hanna Rendon is the much younger sister of Marcus by eleven years.  She is what most would call a brilliant and gifted young woman of twenty.  She has come home for the summer before she finishes her final year of college at Stanford, as a Valedictorian.
     Yet, she hasn’t told anyone she has plans this summer to make a life-altering change to her life.  One that to be a single mom.  She wants to be a single mom to have someone to her and she'll love them unconditionally.  Being that she was her parents youngest after having her so late in life they were so much older.  When she was born she felt Marcus got the best of her parents.  Therefore, she wants to be a young mom.
     When she arrives home she finds out her brothers best friend and their former next door neighbor will be home for a month.  She is rather excited because from jr. high all through high school she had a crush on Kason Marx the now self-made Billionaire.  Who lives in San Fran now rather in small town USA anymore.  When he shows up bright and early the day after she arrives and she is still in her PJ pants, tank, and no bra.  He checked her out too.  She was, hooked all over again.  When she reaches out and hugs him tight it felt right for both of them although, it made Kason nervous.
     Everyone in her home other than her mom wants to discount that she wants to be a mom.  She doesn’t really want to be a woman in the job force.  But they use the word mom as if it is a four-letter word.  She really starts to resent the men in her life and a lot of other people and at one point she makes a very eloquent speech to make her point and they totally discount her as if she never spoke.  I was just amazing she didn’t slug them.

     She was still his best friend’s little sister.  But make no mistake she was all woman now.  Be sure to take a look at this book it will surprise you.  It did me.  I give it: 4 stars.


     Really enjoyed the story of Paige Carter and Michael Adams.  They were an odd mix from the beginning a bartender and billionaire.
     I think what I truly like about it was that neither on tried to change the other.  If anything, they would run head first into the others fault or fears and they were either confused by it or had empathy.
     Paige was raised by two loving parents who still expected her home every Sunday for family dinner.  But after college things have been tough for her so she lives in a small studio apartment with her manager, Erica.  With her pay and tips, she still has months where it’s hard to make rent.  Now she just found out rent is going up.
     One night at the bar, a regular, who she has seen a number of times leave the bar with the flavor of the night was looking glum.  It was pretty unusual for him.  She hates to get personal with her customers.  But she also needed to know if she needed to cut him off and call a cab.  So, she says, “What’s up, Michael?”
     It turns out he’s working on his will and he realizes he wants an heir to his kingdom.  At first, she thinks he’s kidding.  But he’s not, the man has, bank.  So, she says, “Hire a surrogate.”  Only because he says he is not the marrying type.
     Now here’s the catch.  He just wants the baby mind you not the baby mama.  But he wants to bed her, no test tube for his child.  Well, he is now all excited thanks to her and says he needs to talk to his lawyer.
     But a day or two later Michael is back.  Wanting to talk to her.  NOW!  He wants Paige to be the lucky winner.  Ding! Ding! Ding!  To be the Surrogate.  She’s like NO!  But then she’s like WOW! Is this number right he wants to pay the bucks for this transaction.
     This was an interesting erotic as hell story.  Yet, emotional too.  Family dynamics are always hard no matter who you are.  Every day is a new experience depending on how your emotions are.  This is quite the ride.  I give this: 5 stars.

Misbehave - A Single Daddy Romance

     I wasn’t sure about this book at first.  Katie Cornell the Admiral’s daughter is home from college put on restriction because she had gotten in trouble at school.  When she left two years ago at eighteen.  She was just a girl.  Now though she is all woman but with features of a young girl.
     On her first day back on base in San Diego, she’s out in the driveway of her daddy’s front yard.  While Admiral Joseph Cornell is at work, in a teeny-weeny bikini.  Washing her car with all the water and suds the bucket could handle.  Yet, now it was all over the car and Katie too.  So, when Captain Cam “Cross” Cox walks by with his two-year-old daughter, Emmy, he automatically gets a woody.
     Then, he almost swallows his tongue when he realizes it is Kathryn he saw go off to college two years ago before his wife passed away.  You see he is a widower.  His wife Stacey, passed away during childbirth.  Leaving Cam a single father.  Cam made the decision to put Emmy first and step down from his position as a highly decorated Navy SEAL for Bravery to train the best of the best during hell week of the Seal training program.
     When he gets talked into going to a party with his best friend Owen things are not the same he realizes.  When he was a SEAL living hard and playing hard went hand and hand.  Since Stacey passed his walls went up and he knew he had Emmy who needed him so things had changed forever.
     It was good to see old friends and catch up and just when he was going to eat and let his guard down a little more there were loud voices at the front entrance.  Everyone was moving toward it to see what was going on.  A SEAL about 6’0” tall has Katie by the arm and was calling her out for being a tease.  She was trying to break loose from his grip on her arm and he wasn’t letting her go.  He was telling her he was going to take her upstairs and he was going to love to hear her scream. 
     Cam saw red.  No one tease or not was to treat a woman like that especially when they were twice her size.  Ever.  He had to step in especially since she was the Admiral’s daughter plus it was Katie he knew her.  Under protest, he took her out of the party.  She wanted to stay and party but he told her it was quits, not to mention she had been drinking and she was not of age.  She was twenty and she was not twenty- one. 
     He planned on taking her home but she was pretty drunk so he took her to get something to get to sober her up.  After she pleaded not to be taken home like that. Once they started talking he realized that yes, she was immature in some ways mainly emotionally but she was very intelligent and really a good person and nice to talk with.  He realized it had been a while since he had allowed another person besides Owen to talk and for him to share his thoughts and life with them, his wife died.

     This relationship had more sex than cats in heat or who have several litters.  And same goes for a number of arguments that they had but they seem to also bring out the best in each other also.  They keep trying to work it out.  They gave each other a cooling off period and then tried again whether to have a sex-fest or whatever it got the lines of communication started.  Most of all Emmy was thriving with Katie being a part of their lives because she was really good for both of them and she really cared for them both and they for her.  I give this 4 stars.


     This story was a little harder to follow and believe.  At least for me.  I couldn’t seem to believe first of all love or not that any well-educated and highly successful woman with serious bank like Piper Hogan would continue through with this venture.
     But even harder is to put up with his crap over and over.  I found my mind kept wondering with this story that is how I knew I could not fathom it as true.  You see her ex-low from high school that dumped her when she was a sophomore and he was a senior going off to college comes back into her life.  Evan Sherwood is now the Baby Maker.  This is the one and only guy she has ever been with in ten years.
     All the other guys including one fiancĂ© she compared to him and they all cheated on her.  So, men were off the table for now but wanting a child was not. After much research and finding the Baby Maker and seeing one of the happy customers is someone Piper knows sells her on this operation.
     But this venture is different it’s getting pregnant the natural way no test tubes here.  So, Piper applies.  Evan is beside himself because the one girl he has been seeing in his head every time he needs to ejaculation into a woman to keep up his 99.9% rate.  It’s Piper he sees not the woman he is with.
     Evan wants Piper back.  So, he sets up the first meet after getting all her paperwork and health checks done.  She has no clue it’s him even after talking to him on the phone.  So, when he shows at the meet early to see her coming in, all he can do is to feast on her beauty.  When he gets his nerve up he goes to her table and says hello.  Piper is shocked, to say the least.  They chit-chat then he asks if they can visit.  She says just pity’s him and his job thinking he works for someone.
     The book gets crazier from there.  The characters were all over the place.  It got hard to follow at times.  There is more sex than rabbits in this book.  I just found it ironic that Piper kept yelling at him about his morals and him Whoring himself yet she did the same thing to get the Baby but more so to keep her man, not once but over and over again. 
     I would say they were equals.  Doesn’t matter whether if it is one man or woman or thousands in his case.  Once money changes accounts or hands, you can doll it up, the name for it is still the same.  Right?  HMMM? 
    I give this: 3 stars.  I got this book for free on Amazon.  Overall I give this book: 4 stars.
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