A baby's cry was the last thing former SEAL Gideon Snow expected to hear on an Arizona mountain trail. Nor was he prepared for the sight of the young mother suffering from memory loss. Gideon has plenty of reasons for avoiding people--and his painful past--but two fragile people now depend on him to survive. Can he just fall for the lovely Jane Doe?

Jane doesn't deny the pull of the gruff-yet-sweet cowboy who saved her and her baby. He's more than a cowboy hero--Gideon's given them a chance at a new life and love. But Jane knows that any day, her memory might come back. And the woman Gideon is falling in love with might disappear forever...

          This was an interesting story.  Had a lot more meat than I was expecting.  Gideon Snow is a man disturbed yes by the injury he suffered while serving his country anyone would be.  It was a career ender.  But he still had it better he thought that some of the guys he served with and he knew it.  That in itself made him grateful.
     But it was his wife’s lack of support that blew him out of the water.  Yeah!  Coming home she posed for all the pictures, said all the right things in front of the cameras, and in all the interviews and to all the welcome homers.  But in those wee hours of the night when it was couples only time, she said he was not the same man.  That his leg repulsed her and she couldn’t be with him.  In the middle of sex, she gets up and leaves.  For good.
     Once their divorce was final he thought he could move on but he couldn’t.  The anger was eating him up alive.  His buddy since boot camp, West, told him about this fixer-upper ranch where he lived.  He went for it.  It’s far out in the country so the only one he would have to talk to is his animals.  Oh yeah! And the crazy lady Mrs. Gentry.  She likes to invade his space by feeding his animals, baking sweets, and cooking things to bring it to him.  Since he doesn’t have a mom and her kids moved away he kind of figures they play that role for each other.  But it still annoys him she invades his mad.
     Gideon became known as a horse whisper of sorts.  He did better with ill-mannered horses than people.  Taking Jelly Bean out for her final test before she passed the test to be returned to the owner.  She had to pass the test of being on a ride in the snow and there being a campfire.  As they were riding deep in the woods they hear a baby crying.  The horse is spooked and so is Gideon thinks and hoping it is a fox sending out its mating call.  But after several more burst of the cries, he goes to investigate and finds a have dead woman covered in blood and still attached by the umbilical cord and the baby have wrapped and mad.  His first thought is to get the baby wrapped and warm.  His next thing is to check to see if the woman is alive.  He realizes she has given birth all alone.  She, responses to his touch and wakes to look for her baby. 
     It goes against everything he knows because he and people don’t mix so helping could backfire but this woman and the baby needed his help.  Just ask his ex he was not good for anything or anyone.  Ex-Navy SEAL or not.
     Missy would tell you he is too mean and awful for a beast, man, or children.  That he needs to be all alone with his anger.  He liked his alone time.
     When he finally gets the woman talking she has no idea who she is.  She gets small glimpses about her likes and dislikes but nothing as to who or why she knows.  But while he is in the tent helping her the skittish horse gets away.  Meaning he will have to walk this Jane Doe and her baby out in the unbearable weather.
     See how these two starts to let down their guards in order to figure out how to help one another.  Although Gideon is always fast to remind her, they are not even close to being friends causing Jane to feel like she’s been slapped.  Because innately she feels it in her bones that she has no family.  Gideon is feeling like family to her.
     They both have secrets that need to be revealed if they want to make a relationship work.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  
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