Rad-Reader:  What was it about this story for you?  How did you think of this storyline?

Meredith:  The plot actually came to me while writing my book, NOVELISTA GIRL. The main character is a writer and was telling her literary agent ideas for her next book. It came to me so easily, and I decided it was too good of an idea not to use for myself. I changed Kim's idea in the book and kept THE BOYFRIEND SWAP for me.

Rad-Reader:  Why can’t they just be open and honest with their family?  They are not young women.  At first, I thought when I got it we were going to be talking age range of 21-23 but they're not.

Meredith:  From my experience, both girls are still young enough to be under the influence of their parents, but it is not about age. Robyn was always honest about the men she brought home and after years of her parents' judgment and teasing, she just wanted a break from it. Sidney wanted something all to herself and since she worked with her dad, she yearned to keep her love life private. This is all explained in the book.  

Rad-Reader:  I can see why Sidney would do it if her dad especially is a winner.  How can Sidney stand to work for him?  She has no time for herself and her dad makes no time for her.

Meredith:  For all her complaining, Sidney loves being a lawyer and she likes working with her dad. She needs to learn how to balance her life, and doesn't realize at the start that it's up to her and not her dad to find that balance.

Rad-Reader:  You mentioned early on how Robyn felt in high school about Will.  But How did Will feel about Robyn?

Meredith:  In school, Will thought of Robyn as the cute, happy-go-lucky younger neighbor - Snow White. He didn't know about her crush but he didn't share her feelings anyway.

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you have play…

Robyn:  Zooey Deschanel

Perry:  Brock O'Hurn

Sidney:  Katherine McNanaraKatherin

Will:  Justin Gaston

Meredith:  Your casting is actually great!!

Robyn:  Alexis Bledel

Perry:  Zac Ephron

Sidney:  Emma Stone

Will:  Tyler Hoechlin

Rad-Reader:  If you weren’t a writer what would you do if you could be it right this minute?

Meredith:  A developmental editor - anything with books!

Rad-Reader:  If you could tell the younger you anything what would it be?

Meredith:  Always be true to yourself and don't let anyone make you feel less than. If they do, they aren't worth your time!

Rad-Reader:  What are the three things you can’t leave you house without each day?

Meredith:  My Kindle, phone, brush

Rad-Reader:  Have you ever had a time when you thought this storyline is just too unbelievable? 

Meredith:  Never. It's a romantic comedy - anything goes and I think the reasons I gave and the consequences of my characters' actions were believable.
Rad-Reader: That's what I love about writing fiction.  It can all be make believe.  Especially, with the world today I just want to get away as a reader so that is what's fun to bring out as a writer, the world of make believe and if it's fun comedy, Yay!

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it due out?

Meredith:  My next project is the third book in my romantic comedy Blogger Girl series - BRIDAL GIRL. it releases in April, 2018.

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?

Meredith:  Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, libraries, independent bookstores

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?

Meredith:  List social media links:

Twitter: @meredithschorr



Thank you for being with us.  It was a pleasure reading your book.  Romantic comedies are always fun.  Laughing during these times can help pass the hard times and this is one book that can do it.
Make sure you stop by and use our Shout Out: An Author's Place.  You are now a 1 Rad-Reader Misfit need to run faster next time.  ;)


  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review The Boyfriend Swap and for interviewing me on your site!

  2. Great interview! I am looking forward to Bridal Girl!

    1. Thanks, Susan. I think Bridal Girl is the funniest of all my books :)

    2. Susie,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and especially for enjoying the interview. Meredith made it easy.

  3. I am reading The Boyfriend Swap at the moment, and really enjoying. I didn't know The Bridal Girl was coming. I loved Blogger and Novelista Girl, so I shall be watching out for the next one. Great interview with Meredith, she is a very talented and funny writer.

    1. Amanda,
      Thank you so much. We always enjoy feedback about our interviews we really do our best to ask questions we think our readers will ask. Most of the credit, I have to say goes to the authors themselves. They are often deep into writing their next book. When we have asked them to get into the mindset of their book & characters sometimes one or two books ago. We are blessed when they happily agreed & we don’t take them for granted that is for sure. Meredith’s book makes my experience easier to have fun doing it. Thanks for stopping by.


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