Rad-Reader:  Why this type of Story, you know a BBW?

Ava:  I’m overweight. I like to laugh. I also really like to poke fun of the simple things that others may see as stressful (at myself, never to be hurtful of others!) When I can laugh and see the humor in life, it changes my perspective. I hope to share that lighthearted joy with others. Besides, even fluffy-chicks need love!  

Rad-Reader:  Are all your books BBW books?

Ava:  Not all, but more than a few are. I’m a curvy girl, so I tend to put myself into a lot of the characters that I write. It’s who I am. I also write other genres or stories in other ways because it stretches my creative muscles to work with different characters. 

Rad-Reader:  You have all of Becky’s friends being BBW’s or is one not?  If so, why is that?

Ava:  I wanted the series to be about curvy girls. In life, we have friends of all sizes, but this series was specific to full-figure girls, and I wanted it to carry through the entire series, tackling different issues that we have. Some women are confident, some are insecure. We’re all unique people, but I felt like this particular series itself was dedicated to the plus-size reader who wanted to see stories about people that might look like them or be relatable in that aspect. 

Rad-Reader:  What’s going on with not being able to get a loan for a business loan?

Ava:  This is a light, fun read. If she got the loan too quickly, it would be like she’d put all this effort into the business plan, but she didn’t. It was good to grow it slowly, and try to understand what it takes to put a business together. Everybody and their brother says oh, start a business, but there are things to think about that many don’t consider. So, having her learn what it entailed was part of the story. Watching her go from, this would be such a cool idea to ‘oh, I didn’t even think about that’ was important for me. 

Rad-Reader:  Samantha seems like a good friend.  How long have they known one another?

Ava:  Ha, that’s funny. My friends would say I’m Sam. Sometimes, I’m Becky, sometimes I’m Winnie…but I’m the goofy, say those things that nobody else says, silly one. Becky is my polite version of being a lady in public. When I’m with my friends, I’m more like Sam. When I get stubborn, more like Winnie. What was funny to me was that one of my friends read my book and was like ‘I could almost hear you talking as I read. It’s so you!’ I thought I was living in my own world, but she knows my voice that well. 

Rad-Reader:  Reed had never dated a fat girl and he’s not sure what it is about Becky he’s drawn to.  Could it be cold feet, that’s wrong?

Ava:  I think society has placed standards on what is acceptable. You might like something, but will your buddies make fun of you for not going after somebody ‘they’ deem pretty enough, hot enough, etc. Size acceptance is becoming a thing on the internet, but growing up, people weren’t discussing stuff like this. I’m 50. It’s nice to see people more comfortable today, but the internet wasn’t a thing quite yet, and society had different ideas. I was slender through school, then gained a lot of weight after having kids. After 30 years of being overweight, you see/hear all sorts of things. 
Rad-Reader: I totally get what you're talking about.  At 57, I would have love to have enjoyed the positive body image that my girls are lucky to have now, in my teens and twenties.  Now though, there's even fashion for big girls that there never was before.  I lost 125 lbs. but I still see myself as a big girl at any given day.  To the world, since I'm a size 14, I guess I am.

Rad-Reader:  I loved the coffee shop scene where they are laughing because of another one of her Becky moments.  When Reed has a moment of his own.  What made you think of it?  It was perfect.

Ava:  The truth? Haa…okay. First off, when I get laughing too hard, I’ve been known to honk or make weird noises. The ‘gassy’ issue came up because one time—note earlier scene— I was at the chiropractor’s office and they twisted me like a pretzel and I passed gas. I was MORTIFIED. Anyway, I go out to the car, my husband is waiting for me, and I’m all like, guess what happened. I’m so embarrassed. Thankfully, they’ll forget by the time I go back. He smiles and goes, Nah, they probably wrote it on the top of your chart. Silly man! Also, I have two grown boys…you do not get through life without talking about or laughing at ‘gassy’ issues. Yes, I’m a 50-year-old child. Hangs head in shame, and I still giggle like a schoolgirl if I do that. In the book repeating that was ‘his thing’ was a fun way to add humor to the story. 

Rad-Reader:  Reed was not in a place to be married.  He could have just owned that so Becky wouldn’t feel bad. Or was it because he needed an out in case he didn’t feel for Becky the way he thought he did?

Ava:  We all go through multiple feelings all the time. Sometimes, the things that we want aren’t what we need. He thought it was the next thing to do, marry the woman he’d been dating for ages. She wanted it, it was a natural progression, but he’d grown too comfortable with settling. Suddenly, he’s feeling sparks and thinking about somebody that is challenging him in new ways. I think it’s more about dealing with his own insecurities of what will people think? I’m walking away from this “supposedly perfect” woman for somebody others might see as less perfect. He became a man when he realized he needed to trust his heart and do what was right for him because his heart told him his truth.

Rad-Reader:  When Reed showed up crestfallen using the words, “Anyway it’s over, there’s no going back now.”  It would have made me pause about his heart.  Why didn’t Becky?

Ava:  I have no idea! It’s what came out when I wrote the story? Probably not the answer you’re looking for, but sometimes the characters take over and I get lost in the moment. Parts of a story, I overthink, sometimes it simply leads me down a path and I follow.  

Rad-Reader:  Becky started to have a panic attack when they were going to go to bed together, she was afraid he wouldn't be able to get aroused or stay aroused.  Did that happen to another old boyfriend?

Ava:  No, but in my head, as I gained weight over the years, my insecurities grew larger. What if? Oh, I played that game so many times…a cruel game that left me broken at times. I wanted that to be mentioned in the story, because being overweight I knew what it felt like to want to slide my hands over my stomach, get under the covers, hope that I’m still seen as attractive to my partner, etc. Not every woman feels that way, some do. Today, I’m a different woman. I own myself and am more comfortable in my skin, but it takes time when your body is changing to see that you’re more than a number on the scale. 

Rad-Reader:  Sam talks a good game but in a lot of ways she’s more insecure than Becky in a lot of ways.  With her drunk calling her ex.  True or false?  If so, why?

Ava:  I’m a non-drinker, so I’ve never done the drunk dialing thing. I’ve done sober-dialing, which is even worse. You’re completely aware you’re feeling desperate or pathetic, and you’re lonely in the moment, and holy cow, why did I make that call? 😉

Rad-Reader:  Becky’s slip of the three little words caused a whole set of emotions to stir in both her and Reed.  What was it that scared Reed?

Ava:  Love…does that mean, commitment? Does that mean I have to say it too? Does that mean these random moments of attraction have to mean a life together? What if I’m not ready? What if this is a passing thing? Love is bigger than like…I think in general, women are more open to sharing their emotions. Men tend to hold things back more, in a controlled manner, and some of that is probably from growing up, being told what a man does or doesn’t do. Remember, I’m 50, so a younger generation might be different, but it’s sort of like men growing up thinking men don’t cry. They do. Everybody cries, but often guys were molded into being a certain type of person, and crying showed weakness, as did spilling words of love or whatever before it was the right time for them. 

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play…

Becky:  Barbara Ferreia

Reed:  Derek Theler

Sam:  Hunter McGrady

Jessica:  Jessica Biel


Becky:  Maybe Melissa McCarthy as Becky.

Reed:  As for Reed, maybe a Bradley Cooper,

Ben Affleck,

 or Chris Pratt

Sam:  I could totally see Debra Messing (if she gained weight – think of her Grace character on Will and Grace) as Sam.

Jessica:  As for Jessica, I think I pictured somebody like Victoria Beckham.

Also, before I forget to mention it…thank you for the opportunity to speak with you about my story. I had a lot of fun writing it, so I’m always thrilled to hear people enjoyed the book.
Rad-Reader:  You are so welcome it was a fun story.  There were so many funny moments but there were also some very heartfelt sad moments.  So, thanks for answering my fangirl questions.  They are real questions I ask myself as I go along reading. 

Rad-Reader:  What song best describes your couple or your book as a whole?

“Let Me Love You – DJ Snake Ft. Justin Bieber”

 “Unlove You – Jennifer Nettles”

“Body Like a Back Road – Chase Bryant”

Ava:  (Aging myself, here)
"Miracles - Jefferson Starship" 

Rad-Reader:  What did you want to be when you grew up?

Ava:  A writer. I just wasn’t sure that was in my cards! 

Rad-Reader:  If you could talk to the teen Ava what would you tell her?

Ava:  Please, take more risks. Stop worrying about what other people might think of you. Go after your dreams with all your heart.

Rad-Reader:  Where do you like to do your writing?

Ava:  I have a small home office. It’s all mine! For the longest time, my computer was set up on a desk in the middle of the living room, right in the flow of traffic. I have a door now! I don’t close it; the dogs wouldn’t let me. Jack would be tapping at the door. He doesn’t like closed doors.  (I’ve got two smaller dogs now, Jack and Toby. Our Grace, a Sheppard-Malamute mix made it to 16 and our cat to 17, but we’re down to two now). Two dogs, and dog beds everywhere! 

Rad-Reader:  What advice would you like to give to a new writer?

Ava:  Make writing a part of your daily life. It doesn’t have to be pages and pages, but jot words down, ideas, names, thoughts, anything to build a habit. It becomes second nature.

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it coming out?

Ava:  I’m currently working on my first historical series about prairie brides. I’m hoping to be ready to release by November. We’ll see how things move along. I’ve had a lot of interruptions in August which may alter that. January was my target date originally, but it may be sooner! I’m releasing a couple in the series together this time to introduce it. The first will be called “Stubborn Bride” because you know, I never like things to be too smooth or easy! 

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books

Ava:  Most of my books can be found wide, from Amazon to iBooks to Kobo to Barnes and Noble. I’ve got some of my catalogs up on Google Play, and am working on adding more. Sometimes, I’ll release something exclusive on Amazon for the first 90 days, then go wide. That’s more of a marketing decision than anything and can help with visibility. 

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?

Ava:  I’m on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AvaCatori and trying to get more active with updating, as I’m not a huge social media girl, but I’m working on that. It took me a while to embrace putting myself out there. I also have a basic website at AvaCatori.com

     Thank you again for the opportunity to share a bit of myself with your readers. 

     I would like to thank you for being with us.  Your story we know is very true.  As a lot of the thoughts are some of the things that I know I have heard women, in general, say it to themselves.  If not, out loud.  Not knowing that they are even saying it.  But also, my friends who are BBW's, as well as myself as a BBW.  A BBW who was even bigger than I am now, but in my head still see myself at my largest.  So, thanks for writing a fun story that gives hope.  
     Come back and make use of our Shout Out: An Author's Place.  You are now one of  us a 1 Rad-Reader Misfit.  Thanks for being with us and for answering all my fangirl questions.

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