A BABY FOR CHRISTMAS (Sweet Home Montana Book 2)


When Mia Tempesta goes into labor during a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, she stumbles into Will Jackson's cherry packing shed. As a war widow, she's lost everything–her husband, her home, and her job. But when Will, a caring stranger, delivers her beautiful baby boy into her arms, she has hope for a brighter future. 

After being betrayed and dumped by his long-time girlfriend, Will’s dreading the holidays, but when he helps deliver Mia’s son on Christmas morning, he gains a renewed purpose in life. The beautiful Mia and her child tug on his protective heart strings and he finds himself longing to help. They fight their growing attraction–Will’s on the rebound and Mia is still grieving. Will their reckless passion end in heartbreak? 

Can two damaged hearts find healing and happiness? One Christmas baby might just be the miracle they need to love again.


     There was an instant change in the life of Will Starr when a woman showed up Christmas Eve during a snowstorm at his cherry shed.  It was late and he had just been at his parents earlier.  But because he was still sulking over a lost high school love at Thanksgiving who had turned down after waiting for his long-awaited proposal.
     Considering they were thirty-two-years-old and had been on again off again, dating others, and traveling a lot not to mention she would take jobs in other towns in other cities and states.  Wasn’t the writing on the wall.  He was surprised though and angered when she said, “No.”  That she was in love with another man in the town where she had been working and living for the last seven months.
     Mia Tempesta Richards a widow and pregnant mom to be on her way to her sisters to give birth since her sister is a midwife.  She wasn’t due for several weeks and she thought since she just got fired two days before Christmas that why not leave to be with her since she no longer had a place to live either.  All thanks to her war hero husband who died almost a year ago.  She lost him eight months ago to be exact.  Everyone thought she had this wonderful marriage when in fact it wasn’t he left her with debt and so much pain she was just hanging on.
     Yet, going through this birthing experience with a stranger like Will makes her see life differently.  For Will, his outlook on life from the anger and pain he was in earlier that day to the elation at seeing the miracle of birth and the woman he helps makes life so much better.
     This was such a good story of two lost souls looking for a place to belong and a baby’s birth than finds them forever together.  Their struggles as to how and what that should look like.  Emotions run high.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.

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