GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY (Romance By Design #3)


They grew up together yet worlds apart. But a wealthy young man and a classy young woman find that some bonds can’t be broken . . .

The only thing Marigold Reynolds and billionaire Hagen Allbrook ever had in common was their attraction. Marigold made sure that never went anywhere by cutting ties with him six years ago. Now, however, she needs a job—and Hagen’s design assistant desperately needs someone to fill in for her at his family’s construction firm. Trusting that time has dimmed the electricity between them, Marigold accepts. But as she undertakes his challenging renovation of her own ancestors’ home, it’s soon clear she’s mistaken.

A year after his wife’s death, Hagen is coming to terms with the past. He’s as drawn to Marigold as ever, but as they finally cross long-held boundaries, a misunderstanding, and Marigold’s belief that she can never measure up to his perfect wife, threatens to tear them apart once more. Hagen’s only chance of winning her back is to reveal the truth about his marriage. And perhaps then Marigold will reveal a heartfelt secret of her own . 


     I so love books with families that meddle for all the right reasons.  This surrounds Marigold Reynolds who lost her mother after a long illness.  Being that her parents were divorced it left her the primary caregiver.  Which she never thought twice about.
     Although her mother came from a family in good standing in the community several generations in they, unfortunately, lost their wealth.  When they divorced, her father also from a wealth, but newer money.  Their family name never held the same status as her mothers and he never shared it with her anyway.
     Yet, she was taught all the proper ways from eating, greetings, setting a table, and speaking.  She with her second-hand clothes was taught to stand proud.  It turns out she becomes best friends with Tiggy and her twin Calli but at six she lost her heart to their older brother by two years Hagen when he was eight.
     The Allbrook family never cared she dressed in hand me downs or that her hair is an orange-red so bright is could like your way in the dark.  She was always made to feel like part of the family.  Since the divorce, her father forgot he had a daughter especially when he had her first half-brother.  So, she craved family.
     Hagen never paid attention to his sister’s friend until the year she joined the swim team at sixteen, he was eighteen.  Life had changed he lost his heart to that day.  Marigold though was jailbait and so he shut the attraction down.
     At his parents fiftieth they meet up again.  She shuts it down.  Saying things that hurt his pride.  Rather than get to the root he beds all things on campus.  Six years have passed.  A year ago, he lost his wife.  Tiggy needs a break from being her stand in as hostess, interior homes dresser, and all-around sister.  So, she asks Marigold to step in.  She agrees.  Life just got interesting.  Why?  Because she doesn’t realize she will be working daily with you got it, Hagen.
     This was a quick read with a lot of fun reading fun.  You will enjoy it.  There is a lot of family underhanded fun afoot.  The soul-searching gets to the heart of it too.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by 

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