IN DEEP (Emerald Mountain #2)

IN DEEP                                                 STACY GOLD

Sophie Tremore is trying to build a career in the male-dominated world of Ski Patrol. Hard to do when her new boss is her smokin’ hot ex-lover. She hasn’t forgotten how he made her body tingle and her heart pound, although he’s making it a lot easier by treating her like she’s incompetent—when he’s not ignoring her existence altogether.

Emerald Mountain Ski Patrol Director Max Demford has been doing his best to avoid working with his feisty former flame, given his judgment is clouded by those eight mind-blowing weeks two years ago. Ski patrol is dangerous enough, and no way could he handle another person he cares about getting hurt on the mountain.

Forced to work together, their simmering attraction becomes difficult to ignore. When Sophie gets caught in a slide, an adrenaline-filled day could turn into a spectacular night they will never forget—one that could risk both their careers.

     This was an extremely short romance thank you very much.  Only took a few hours to read.  This was a second chance romance which is always nice.
     This author caused a lot of pent-up sexual pressure for this couple.  Who hadn’t seen each other in two years?  They had met at a rescue training Chili.  Spent six weeks on the same team training and the same amount of nights in each other’s beds.  They fell hard for one another.
     When they were done with training he was moving on to another country to work and Sophie Tremore was going back home to the U.S. to continue training.  Just out of an abusive marriage she was in, now moving with a sexually rewarding friendship/relationship with Max Demford.  But at the end of the six weeks, they were both rethinking their no-strings relationship.  So, they exchanged email addresses and phone numbers so they could keep in touch and see where they could go with their feelings for one another.
     After three months she contacted him with four emails and a couple of voicemails with no response from him.  So, let’s just say when she sees he is her new boss at her new job she is not happy and neither is he.  He acts like he doesn’t know her, like her, or think that she is trained well enough to do her job.  She acts hostile toward him.  Both trying to hide their true feelings.  See how it all comes out.  I give this: 3 stars.  Provided by 

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