MISTER COWBOY                            REBECCA JENSHAK

He's a dirty-talking CEO with the heart of a cowboy.

Brecken Blackstone is not a cowboy. The bristly CEO has finally made a name for himself, trading boots for expensive suits, and the country landscape for a high rise in the city. When he inherits the family ranch, he's eager to sell and be rid of it and the memories that haunt him.

January Lyle isn't interested in another rich, boring suit, but from the moment she met Brecken, it’s clear he’s different. Hired to organize and prepare Blackstone Ranch to be sold, January wonders if she's in over her head - with the large estate and the sexy man who owns it.

     This story opens up on January Lyle’s twenty-ninth birthday evening.  When her plans with her best friend and roommate Michael went belly-up due to Michael having to work his brand-new bar.  Because Blackstone Software company decided they wanted to through a last-minute party for its employees and were willing to pay a $500.00 bonus over the asking price for putting Michael out that night.
     He hated to do this to her but he just couldn’t turn down this new business connection.  This suit was someone with a lot of juice that could make or break him and right now that could hurt if he said no.  So, here she sat at the end of the bar sulking instead of helping him out.  Being her birthday, he refused to allow her to pick up or anything. 
     They were supposed to meet some friends at a new trendy club to drink and dance her birthday away.  But instead, she was watching a whole lot of knockoff suits come in and out of the back room coming to the bar to get off a glass of Scotch neat.  In general, she hated suits for that was all she was raised around.  Men in suits with money.  They thought they owned the world and everyone owed them.  Well, not her.
     Her father was a Senator in Chicago so that is why she was in Colorado but also one more reason for him to forget it was her birthday as if he needed anything.  So, as she was sitting there Mr. Real Armani Suit walks in the door is all his sexiness that she had to make sure she wasn’t drooling I’m sure.  That he headed straight for the bar to the empty seat right next to her.  He asked if it was being used and she said, no.  She noticed he had a little smirk so she realized she was openly staring at him.  When Michael came back to their side of the bar he pours her more wine and asks Mr. Armani what he would like to drink to which he says, Coors.  She turns her head in surprise and says, that she is she never would have pegged him for something so regular.  She thought for sure he was a Scotch neat.
     He wanted to know if she always judged people on appearance?  She said no but judging by all the knock-off suits coming and going from the back room carrying Scotch neat’s it wasn’t hard to take a guess he was part of their crowd although with much better fashion sense.  Plus, there are not too many Armani suits that come in ordering Coors.  Then she asks if he was waiting for a Mrs. Armani or is it just the two of them, him and his suit?  He laughed a deep laugh.  Just the two he said if she would like to follow them home.  She asked if that line ever worked for him he said he didn’t know it was the first time he ever used it.  So, did it?  They both laughed.  But both their fires had been lit.
     Michael comes back and asks if she wanted to still go out after he closed the bar.  It wouldn’t be the same but it would be fun?  She said, no, she was just going to call it a night.  But Michael said she was crazy if she thought they would do nothing for her birthday.  Then, he was off again to the other side of the bar to help someone.  Then, Armani asks if it was her birthday.
     She said yes.  That Michael was going to take her out but some big software company had to have their party tonight.  He paused in mid-drink.  “I see.”  He said.  “Maybe another night.”  She said, “No not the same.”  Then, there was not one thing to be said after that it just felt awkward. 
     Michael appeared and cleared Armani’s empty bottle.  Then he says, “Can I get you anything else, Mr. Blackstone?”  Just as January was taking a drink and she started to choke.  He asked her name she gave it.  He got up and paid for the drink and the party then went to make an appearance.
     This was an interesting story of two people who ran away from their past to make new lives for themselves.   They did nothing wrong but the hurt and pressures of their past lives before was just too much and now the ghost was getting closer to them in their dreams and in reality.

     See how they find a way to help each other out of some painful memories bringing new light to things that were looked at too harshly before.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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