Welcome to Gold Valley, Oregon, where a rough-and-tumble rancher and the girl next door are about to learn that opposites attract

Olivia Logan has a plan: win back her ex by making him see what he’s missing. But first, she needs to find a man who’s willing to play along. With his laid-back cowboy charm and knack for getting under her skin, Luke Hollister is an unlikely hero—but he wants her help convincing her father to sell his land, which means he needs her as much as she needs him.

Luke likes his life—and his women—uncomplicated. So why does good girl Olivia heat his blood like no one else? She’s always been off-limits, but the more time they spend as Gold Valley’s hottest new “couple,” the more real it’s starting to feel. Luke was supposed to help her win back another man…not keep her in his arms. But now that he has her there, he’s not sure he’ll ever let go.

     When it came to prim and proper there was no one better at than Olivia Logan even if she didn’t believe it.  She was the town princess of the county.  The Logan family founded the area, the Logan County, having been the first settlers.  After coming from the East Coast on the Oregon Trail.  Ending up in what they called Golden Valley, Oregon.
     She was a twin and was the good twin the one who did everything she was told to the point now she could deviate from one rule.  She was a nervous wreck.  But Bennett Dodge, she did dump him even though he was who her daddy did hand pick.  You see she had been in love with him ever since she could remember.  And when he finally asked her out she had their whole life mapped out.  But at Christmas when Bennett didn’t propose like she thought he would so she lost it in a very public way.  Breaking up with him.
     Now it’s been over a month and she gets a flat tire on the way to works and she can’t call Bennett or his brothers even though she grew up with them.  Things had changed.  Since their ranches were next door they were her brothers too but not anymore.  Now she needed to see on her phone who she could call.
     When all of a sudden, she heard a vehicle coming and she knew, by the sound who it was before she even turned around.  Sure, enough it was him, Luke Hollister.  The man who drove her batty by always teasing her and making her feel like an idiot.  The thing is he is too handsome for his own good and flirtatious too.  He had been raised on the ranch with the other Dodge children by Mr. Dodge since he was sixteen.  He was older than her by eleven years.  So, he was never one to take her seriously and it pissed her off.  He was just so fresh but yet always a proper gentleman so she knew he would stop.
     But when he almost drove by, boy was she hot under the collar.   But he backed up rolled down the window with the shit eating grin on his face that just mad her blood boil.  Asking if she needed help.  Well, of course, she needed help.  She said all prissy like.  But then she tries to reel it in.  He takes her to work and tells her he will change her tire too.  All day he checks for a text to see if she needs a ride to her car but none comes.
     Later that night he goes to the saloon with the family and who happens to be there sitting at the bar?  Yup!  Olivia.  She is there and she keeps looking over at the table.  When Bennett’s business partner and friend Kaylee comes over to get the drinks for everyone she asks how she is and what’s she’s doing there.  She tells her she was hoping to see Luke and buy him a drink.  But really, she was there to scope out Bennett.  She wants Bennett back like no one’s business.
     So, when Luke comes over and gets his shot from her they talk and he knows what’s she’s really there for he calls her out on it.  Pissing her off.  She did thank him for the tire though.  But really all they really did when it was all said and done was peek each other’s interest in one another because with all the bantering they were really have oral intercourse.  And they realized that Bennett disliked the two of them chatting it up.
     Later that week they decide to team up he helps her get Bennett back she helps him get the land her daddy is selling.  A win, win.  Game on! 

     See how much gossip these two can stir up in town.  But also, in the Dodge and Logan family.  Most of all see how much honesty comes out of both of them causing them to find themselves.   I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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