He's a dirty-talking CEO with the heart of a cowboy.

Brecken Blackstone is not a cowboy. The bristly CEO has finally made a name for himself, trading boots for expensive suits, and the country landscape for a high rise in the city. When he inherits the family ranch, he's eager to sell and be rid of it and the memories that haunt him.

January Lyle isn't interested in another rich, boring suit, but from the moment she met Brecken, it’s clear he’s different. Hired to organize and prepare Blackstone Ranch to be sold, January wonders if she's in over her head - with the large estate and the sexy man who owns it. 

His mouth found her neck, and he licked the sensitive skin, causing an unexpected giggle to escape her lips. Turning, he pinned her underneath him with a knee between her legs. The button-up shirt he was wearing when she’d fallen asleep was gone, and her eyes were drawn to the dark hair peeking out of the top of the V-neck undershirt.
Grabbing the bottom of his shirt, she lifted. He straightened and pulled it over his head and tossed it on the floor. Her eyes were greedy as they roamed over his bare chest and stomach. She already knew he was built, but the definition in his chest and abs was not fair. Especially after seeing his pantry.
“You maintain this body with Froot Loops? God, I hate you.”
He smiled. The proud smile of a man who loved his hard work being appreciated.
Her fingers had a mind of their own and reached out to trace every ridge and muscle. When her eyes fell back to his face, he was no longer smiling. His mouth was set in a straight line, and his eyes were hooded and dark. As much as she enjoyed the sweet, romantic Brecken of last night and this morning, the one leaning over her—dark and challenging—made her toes curl in anticipation. It transported her back to their first meeting and how blunt and bristly he had been when they had their first conversation. 

Book one in the Sweetbriar Lake series of standalone novels. 

Elle Hastings flees to the small town of Sweetbriar to put some distance between her and the cheating ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. When a black-tie ball provides the perfect opportunity to show him what he’s missing, Elle enlists the help of a personal trainer to make her look irresistible. She didn’t plan on her new trainer making her heart beat faster than the rigorous workouts he puts her through.

Gym owner and personal trainer, Ryan Calloway, is Sweetbriar’s most eligible bachelor. He’s worked hard to make his gym a respected and successful addition to the community he loves. When Elle walks into his office, her soft, sexy curves have his head spinning. He vows to keep their relationship professional. He has a feeling ex-lover don’t make good clients – a theory he’s not looking to test. 

As realization hit her tired brain, Elle regretted agreeing to Julia’s schemes. She regretted her stupid t-shirt and she definitely regretted not waking up fifteen minutes earlier to put on a full face of makeup.
Ryan was gorgeous. He also happened to be the man she had run into outside the country club yesterday. He narrowed his eyes for a split second as he studied her face and then smiled with what might have been recognition, but he hid it quickly as he transformed back into the professional and polite man who opened the door.
“You must be Elle.”

Rebecca lives in Arizona with her husband and children. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, going to the movie theater, and binge-watching Netflix. Find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @RebeccaJenshak.

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