TICKET TO LOVE                                 R.C. MATTHEWS

After only one year on the police force, I’m already eyeing my first promotion. Chasing my dreams is hard when my family is disappointed that I chose not to run our family B&B. Not to mention writing tickets, keeping the peace, and arresting criminals are hard on your love life. 

That’s why I went for Don: he’s smoking hot and just passing through town. Our evening between the sheets was perfect … until it wasn’t. Turns out my one-night stand is actually my best friend’s wedding planner. He’s hanging out in our small town for the next three months, meeting with my friends, negotiating deals, looking at houses, and oh—he’s also the main suspect in my first police investigation. The case I must solve to become a detective. And the crux of it all? I’m falling head over heels for the guy.

I’ve dreamed my whole life of this promotion. I thought I’d never find love. Now I’m afraid I might lose both.

     This is the case of double standards.  You have Kristy Stone, Officer Stone to everyone in her hometown.  She has wanted to be a detective since the age of ten.
     Not making her family too happy.  They all wanted her to take over the family B & B at their apple orchard.  You see their family was one of the original founding families in the area of Cedar Falls.  Her ancestors founded it and planted the apple trees in Stoneridge Apple Orchard on the peninsula.
     The only one of her brothers really supported her choice is Nathan and that meant the world to her.  One day she is ordered by her Chief to ticket a tourist for crowding the line in the parking lot because the Chief’s wife couldn’t pull her SUV in.  Turns out Don Cooper owned the car.  He is one sexy hot guy whose sister has just moved into town over his best friend’s bakery.
      She has to ticket him again for allowing his friend to talk him into parking his car where it didn’t belong.  But when she and her brother go to celebrate her one year on the force it turns out Don pulls up the stool next to her.  After noticing her in the sexy outfit she is wearing he also sees she is surrounded by men that are appearing to be to chicken to ask her to dance.
     This could be his big chance.  Because the three guys hovering around her but none were brave enough to talk to her or ask her out.  So, he buys her a drink, talks her up, and then asks her to dance.  Then, when they can’t keep their hands off each other takes her outside where he asks “Your place or mine.”  One thing leads to another.
     Then she finds out he may be a suspect in a theft case.  But also, a very low priority.  Also, though that word got out he stayed the night.  Her ass of a brother Lance the mayor, calls her out basically calling her a whore.  So, she tells him it didn’t happen because he’s gay.
     Okay, now she’s a liar.  This just seems to make the situation worse.  See where it goes from here.  This book is filled with a mystery of stolen items of who done it.  Was it the new guy dating the chosen golden girl with four overprotective brothers?  You’ll have to find out on your own.  Let me tell you this will keep you guessing because the whole town meddles in everything.

     I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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