FEARLESS IN TEXAS (Texas Rodeo #4)

FEARLESS IN TEXAS                            KARI LYNN DELL

After her life comes crashing down, Melanie Brookman is determined to claw her way back up again—and this time, she won't make the same mistakes twice. So when her friend sends Wyatt Darrington to help, Melanie keeps him at arm's length. He's exactly the sort of trouble she doesn't need.
Wyatt has the perfect distraction for Melanie: rescue his failing bar. She reluctantly agrees and together they hit the road. As they spend more time with one another, the undeniable attraction grows. But Wyatt knows that if she ever found out his closely guarded secret, any chance at happily ever after would be left in the dust...
Texas Rodeo Series:
Reckless in Texas (Book 1)
Tangled in Texas (Book 2)
Tougher in Texas (Book 3)
Fearless in Texas (Book 4) 
     This was a story of friendship, family, and love.  But with a host of errors and secrets to keep you on your toes.  We have Melanie Brookman the daughter of world famous and most respected tie-down roper and horseman, on the professional circuit, Johnny Brookman.
     As an infant all the way through her young adult life she lived the horse woman’s life.  Then working for Jacobs Livestock.  Before moving on to college to become a marketing for the good old boy network.  Who thought they could treat her like a second-class citizen.  Not only working her more hours but giving her their work then taking the credit.
     The final straw comes when she knew she was giving up all her precious time and once again having to cancel dinner plans amongst other things to stay to work.  But when her boss pawned her off on a client.  When after several meetings being single adults they start seeing each other she finds her boss holding it over her head, her so-called affair with him.
     You see he was married.  He boss knew it and arranged the setup and never tells her he knew Michael Miller’s wife.  Being who she is she gets even causing trouble for herself.  But when all her friends come into play they even her play the field on her behalf even though she’s out of there on a grand exit plan.
     She is offered a job by the most unlikely person she could ever think of.  But everyone agrees it will be good for her to leave home for a while.  Since this is a consulting job to help Wyatt with Darrington’s the World famous pro bullfighter’s new bar.  Who has become a part of the Brat pack like she has?
     You see they’re part of the Brat Pack ~ The Brookman siblings (Melanie & Hank), The Sanchez brothers (Gil & Delon), The Jacobs sisters (Violet & Shawnee), and their cousin Cole-dragging in Wyatt with him (Joe’s BFF).  I give this: 5 ++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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