THE BOY I HATE                                   TAYLOR SULLIVAN

Samantha Smiles and Renee Montgomery have been best friends for over a decade. They’ve shared laughs, secrets, and a mutual hatred for one person: Tristan Montgomery, Renee's older brother. He was the guy every girl wanted, and every guy wanted to be, and it wasn't uncommon they'd befriend his little sister just to get closer to him. Which was exactly how Samantha became Renee’s saving grace. She was the only girl Renee could trust not to fall in love with her older brother. 

Until the one night, Samantha spent with him alone, leaving her questioning everything she’d ever known about the blond headed heart-throb. 

Years later, Renee asks Samantha to be her maid of honor. With no other option, Samantha is forced to drive cross-country with the focus of their teenage ire. 

He was her first kiss.

Her only secret. 

Can Samantha survive the trip cross-country with the reckless Tristan Montgomery? The guy who did what he wanted, whenever he wanted, without worry for tomorrow? Or will she discover a different side of him? One that’s sweet, funny, and maybe a little bit vulnerable. And fall completely and helplessly in love for the first time in her adult life with the one man who could cause her to lose her best friend forever?

Totally, enjoyed this story.  How many of you remember your first kiss?  Well, Samantha (Sammie) Smiles sure does.  Since second grade alone with her best friend Renee, she has hated him.  Because it is Renee’s big brother, Tristan Montgomery.  Who grew up to be the sexiest thing on two legs.  She’d give him that.
     He was also the quarterback of their high school football team and a huge flirt.  There was never a time that you would ever see him without at least half of the football team or cheerleading squad around him or be hanging all over him.  Those same cheerleaders and those girls who were not in cheer trying to buddy up to Renee just to get near him.  She hated it.
     Which bonded Sam and Renee tighter for she knew Sam wanted nothing to do with Tristan.  They even got an apartment together when it was time to move out.  Renee continued with her ballet and Sam did her passion sculpting and working as a waitress.  Then about nine months ago she was picked up to dance in New York.  She moved.  Killing it for Sam she missed her so much.
     But she still had her other best friend since junior high Steven who she has been dating since her junior year of high school.  But he was climbing up the corp. ladder in his law firm so time was not always on their side.  When she gets a call just three months in saying she is in love and is getting married in six months.  She was devastated.  But semi-happy for her friend.
     Well, here she is at the six-month mark and her and Steven are due to take off in three days, cross country with her driving.  She is taking a sculpture she did for Renee so this is her only way.  All he has to is his excitement about the internship at work.  
     He says he will fly out and meet her there the night before the wedding.  Yet, nothing about her disappointment, wrecking her plans, or her safety driving alone cross country.  She says nothing but feels everything.  She thinks back to the fact that Steven wasn’t even supposed to be her boyfriend.  
     She never felt for him the way she felt for Tristan but when Steven stole a kiss the night they got back from the cabin where she got her kiss and he was back to flirting with the cheerleaders she allowed herself to be persuaded to be with Steven.  She gave her first kiss away for nothing.  Yet, in her heart, she knew that there was a real Tristan.  A kind, thoughtful, and gentleman that she had misjudged for years.  But under certain conditions, he became this ass.
     Now, fast forward from the cabin to present and she has to tell Renee she won’t becoming with Steven that she will be driving by herself.  Renee is pissed.  She has never liked Steve for Sam.  She has always told her he is self-serving always thinking of himself and his career and never her.
     When all of a sudden Renee comes up with what she thinks is a great idea.  Tristan is driving too.  So, they could drive together.  But that Sam would have to leave tomorrow.  She tells Sam to be ready by ten a.m.
     Then hangs up.  Sam tries to call her back for no answer.  Now, she has to be ready.  She is not ready for this she has not seen or talked a word about Tristan since that night.  Every time Renee tried to bring him up Sam would change the subject.  Now she is pissed at her best friend, at her boyfriend, and the jackass that will be picking her up.  But at least she won’t be driving alone.
     The bickering that these to is to an art.  It is downright funny.  They want to talk the truth but are so afraid of their own shadows that just can’t seem to get out of their own way.  They both have a lesson to learn.  To not look at something from afar and think you know what is going on.  Ask.  Short story, but all too sweet.  See what troubles these to can get into on their cross-country adventure.
    I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by 

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