Carrying the Single Dad's Baby


One night of comfort…

One unexpected miracle!

Beatrice Lindford’s fresh start is abruptly derailed the moment she starts working with gorgeous single dad Dr. Daniel Capaldi. He instantly ruffles her guarded feathers, but Beatrice must keep her mind on her new job and away from the temptation of Daniel’s charming yet sorrowful smile. Both try—and fail—to keep their professional distance, and they soon find themselves unexpectedly bound by a tiny miracle.

    This was a very short one day read.  The characters were engaging especially Daniel’s son Iain, who is four-years-old.
     You see he is granted full custody because his wife after birth was hit with postnatal depression.  To the point where she just wandered off one day leaving Iain alone in the house and vanishing.  She went off the grid no one knew where she was, no one.  So, they had the London police looking for her, the press, friends, and family.
     It was a motel worked that ended up recognizing her from her photo.  They called in.  She was brought home underwent medical care.  They to her to see a therapist she got better but their marriage didn’t.  With Daniel being an ER doctor, he understood but he could not get past her leaving Iain unattended.
     Now four years have passed he and his wife have divorced she has remarried in fact a year ago.  So, she is settled.  Daniel has gotten a routine down that works.  He has his mother who moves from Glasgow all three of them still carry a Glaswegian accent that she finds endearing.  His mom came to help out and take care and he has an after-school sitter as well.  He still doesn’t date because he devotes all his energy to work and Iain.
     At work, there was an opening for the head of their department everyone knew he was the man for the job.  What they didn’t know was that he didn’t even throw his hat in the ring.  So, it was given to Bea.  Bea comes to the first day on the new job bringing an arm full of homemade brownies to put in the lounge, for all to share.  Plus, she bought a drink for everyone after the shift as a get to know you.
     With one exception, Daniel.  He didn’t get off easy though she pulled him aside the next day and said they would be having lunch.  Which totally bothered him.  Not because she was someone that scared him.  But because he had already heard from the others how well she got on with them, how well she listened to patients and comforted them too.  Yet, what scared him was he didn’t want to like her on top of the instant lust he had felt for her.  A reaction he hadn’t had since he was fourteen.
     Yeah, he knew he was in trouble.  Follow these two along as they become friends.  Brought together by a four-year-old who he meets Bea believes she is a princess because of the posh way she speaks.

     This story goes through heartache and pain yet brings you through the other side with the help of others, those you love, and professionals.  I totally enjoyed it.  I give this: 4 stars.

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