CHANGING THE RULES (Champion Valley #3)

CHANGING THE RULES                      ERIN KERN

This alpha athlete is about to meet his match...

Cameron Shaw knows exactly what he's doing when it comes to coaching high school boys on the football field, but caring for a six-year-old girl is a whole different ballgame. When a gorgeous, highly opinionated woman shows up with his niece in tow and claims he's Piper's new guardian, Cameron's first response is "hell no." But he can't abandon a little girl who just lost her mother...

Audrey Bennett wasn't planning to stick around town, but Piper's gruff, way-too-good-looking-for-his-own-ego uncle clearly needs help. The longer she stays-watching Cameron teach Piper to make pancakes and tie her sparkly pink shoelaces-the harder it is to leave. Especially when he stops arguing and gives Audrey the most toe-curling kiss of her life. But just as she thinks he might be the one, a secret he's been keeping threatens to tear apart their happy little family.


This was a fast read that kept my interest all the way through.  It is about a little girl Piper who has lost her mother to cancer.  At six the only two living relatives she has are two men she has never met.
     One being her sickly grandfather who never gave a care to his first family by cheating on his wife and as a result of having her mom.  The other man in her life is the half-brother of her mom the Assistant Coach of a high school football team seven hours away from her home in Boulder, Colorado.  Single and no children. 
     The only person Piper has ever considered family and always a part of her life is Audrey Bennett her mom’s best friend.  Since her father skipped before Piper was born, Audrey was there for Dianna.  She was there at the end for her too.
     Her last wish was for Piper to be with family namely her brother, Cam.  Also, that Audrey is there as she transitions enough to feel comfortable with Cam.  This all broke her heart.  She had been with Piper since the beginning she couldn’t imagine not having the little ray of sunshine in her life.
      But she also knew per court order she could not legally go against what she was ordered to do.  Let’s just say when Cam finds out he says, “No!” Because what he really says yeah not to many words.  Let’s just say Cam is used to much bigger women in his house and most are usually the “One and Done” type. 
     So, a six-year-old is not on his agenda even if she does come with a nanny.  Boy, does he find out she’s not a nanny and she is not going to take any of his crap at all.  That he better get it through his head or else.  He is now a plus one.
     Yet, he is also a guy who allows the town Beehive Mafia to ride roughshod over (The Twitter) as they call it.  Taking pictures of him shirtless while mowing the lawn, etc.…. This is one group of senior citizen ladies that know no boundaries.  Even pictures through his windows of him.  But he knows them all by name and smirks as Audrey tries to get him to reprimand them.  Which tells her he has a heart down deep.
     You will totally enjoy the banter, the mind games, the acts of kindness, but the love they share for Piper seals the deal.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at


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