All her life, Katie has been chosen last for everything: the last picked on the playground, the last picked by her absent father, and definitely the last picked by boys—even her secret crush, Alex, friend-zoned her. This senior year, Katie is determined to come first.

But then Alex asks her to help him find a date?!

Alex has been living life in the fast lane, but he's ready to slow down—with a girlfriend. The last person on earth he’d consider? The girl his brother developed serious feelings for before he died: Katie. The only way Alex is going to get over Katie is by falling for someone new. And who better to help him find his new crush than the girl he can’t stop thinking about?

What can possibly go wrong?

     This short really surprised me.  I had read some of the reviews and wasn’t sure what to expect.  I am happy to report I that I thoroughly enjoyed it.
     I am not a gamer and this being a teen book about two friends that are going into their senior year in high school who meet the end of their freshman year.  When Katie a candy striper at the hospital where Alex’s older brother Jason was being treated for cancer.
     When she found out they were gamers she tried to connect and ask about the game they were playing.  Being that Jason had gotten some really bad news that day talking about his love of gaming raised his spirits.  Katie admitted she knew nothing at all about gaming.  So, both guys asked her to come back to show her how to play.  Being that she was so shy she surprised herself and said yes mainly because she found that she was instantly crushing on Alex.
     Alex was smitten on sight with Katie.  He found out they went to the same school but she was so smart and shy.  He really wanted to get to know her.  So, they told her any time she wanted to stop by to come.  She and Alex got close.  He liked how kind she was to Jason and would just stop by to visit him.
     At the end of Jason’s life, he made Alex promise to live life to the fullest, to take care of Katie for she was a great girl, and that he really liked her.  In Alex’s mind, he was saying he was in love with her.  Quickly, putting Katie in the friend zone.  When Jason did pass Katie was there to Alex’s rock to cry on.  Now two years later they are still just best friends.  She’s tired of waiting for Alex to see her.
     He has dated about everyone in the yearbook and she has just had to sit and watch and sometimes help him break up or run interference.  No more it is her time now.  All the magazines she has read this summer on how to improve herself are going to pay off one way or another.  If not on Alex then there are other fish in the sea.  She is ready to put herself out there talking to guys and not shy away.
     When Alex gets back from his week away with his family he has a plan too.  He has decided he wants a fulltime girlfriend.  Guess what it’s still not Katie.  But he does want her to help him find the perfect girl.  What better person to do it that his bestie and crush, Katie, to help find her.  There were a few slow moments in the book for me that was only when they were talking gaming things.

     This is a good clean friend to couple story that is very sweet.  It is filled with unforeseen heartache for the supporting cast.  There are funny moments like at the paintball meetup.  I loved Sugarplum.  So grownup, yet, such a kid she was too cute.  Yet, they treated her as an equal.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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