A SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING (Glacier Creek Book 3)

A SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING                           KAREN FOLEY

India Gale had it all–a coveted job, a posh Manhattan apartment, and a privileged life. But then, a tragic accident made her lose it all. Consumed with guilt and hounded by paparazzi, she retreats to Glacier Creek, Montana to lick her wounds. She wants to keep to herself until a stranger arrives in town–a ruggedly handsome newcomer who makes her knees tremble and resolutions crumble.

Lucas Talbot is a former Special Ops soldier who spent his childhood summers in Glacier Creek. Now, he has just one more mission to complete–discover why his stepfather was with beautiful India the night he died, and why she received a fifty million dollar settlement after the car accident that claimed his stepfather’s life. He’s determined to uncover all her secrets, at any cost. He isn’t prepared to find a sweetly vulnerable woman who brings out his protective instincts and makes him long to claim her for his own. But will the truth he’s withholding destroy his chance of true happiness and love?


     What a totally interesting story with an ending I have to say I was not expecting at all.  The author was able to pull off without it feeling rushed and taking away from the characters truth and personalities.  Which, was a total plus.
     But I have to say she pulled it off nicely.  At about the thirty percent point I was beginning to ask myself some questions.  Because it started to drag just a bit.  But being that my hubby had already read it he said just keep reading it will make sense soon.
     He was totally correct.  I have to say I spent most of the book disliking the self-centered widowed wife and mother to Lucas Talbot.  One, for putting her son I this position in the first place.  Two, that she went on partying as usual.  Boy, wasn’t she tore up that her husband died.  Boo Hoo!  Is that pee green jealousy foundation she’s wearing?  I think so.

     Anyway, she was out for blood because India Gale’s lawyer sued for money and one of her many homes for her pain and suffering.  She didn’t know all that had happened to India or what exactly may have happened that night.  If she was so secure in her marriage why did she think the worst about her husband?  See where this takes them all.  It will totally surprise you it did me.  I give this 4 and if I could 4 ½ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1radreaderreviews.com.

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