There’s only one man for wild child Jenna McCaffrey—her best friend’s sexy grouch of a brother. For years, she’s wanted to get her hungry hands on the straight-laced professor and break his careful control. She’d come so close once... But now, her friend’s wedding party ranch getaway is the perfect opportunity for a do-over. And poor Rob won’t know what hit him.

Professor Rob Lindgren is close to attaining his final dream—tenure. Unfortunately, the university’s morality clause is making his life hell. He’s dying to let loose, and a weekend away from home is just what he needs...until he sees Jenna. She’s exactly as he remembers—still brash, still bold, still damn near irresistible. And Rob is tired of fighting...

Too bad they can only have one wicked weekend together. No way will Jenna’s wild ways ever fit in Rob’s perfectly planned life…

There she was, his template for the “wrong” woman, only today she wasn’t wearing a prom dress and boots, or a graphic T-shirt and low-top Chucks. Or barely their pajamas. Today she looked…practically practical.
“She’s changed, hasn’t she,” Natalie said, tapping him beneath the chin.
Rob firmed his jaw. “No.” Yes. God, yes. She’d cut her long, unruly hair into a dark, sleek style that barely brushed her shoulders, for one thing, and she was wearing a blouse fitted enough to show off her enticing shape. His fingers curled. He’d made himself familiar with that shape once. Only once.
“Thus, the drool,” Natalie muttered, her eyes on her phone. “Give in, Rob. Stop being so bullheaded.”
He glared at his sister sidelong. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Your particular forms of self-denial are…ridiculous.”
He glanced over at the crowd again. Fine, Jenna looked different, on the surface. But he’d bet a future slightly-larger-but-still-cramped office she was the same underneath. Fearless when she should be cautious, playful when she should be serious, and passionate when cool calculation would serve better. And her cowboy boots were pink.
A cloud of dust announced the arrival of Chloe and Dave’s limo. When they emerged from the vehicle—dancing and groping each other—the bridesmaids engulfed them in a shrieking knot. All but Jenna. She stood apart, frowning down at her phone.
There was one thing he could admire about her. For all her brashness, she didn’t scream her excitement. She saved whispers for that.
Shit. Rob stepped to the rear of his limo to grab his bag and his Stetson, in case he needed a shield. He had to give Chloe a kiss hello, then he would haul his ass to the barns and contemplate his future alone. Away from people, and far away from bad influences like Jenna McCaffrey.

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PR exec Natalie Lindgren is all business…until it comes to dealing with her craving for sexual submission. Two years ago, she walked away from the lifestyle—and her Dom, Javier. Now she’s back at his luxury guest ranch, not as his sub, but as a member of her sister’s wedding party.

But Javier’s not her only problem. Her ex, Ryan—who she left because his ideas to kink up their sex life veered too closely to Natalie’s former lifestyle—is the best man.

She’d thought she could resist the two dominant men, but with one touch Natalie is back under Javier’s influence, and one whisper has her aching for Ryan’s fingers tight around her wrist. How is she going to get through the weekend? Especially once the two of them join forces to remind her exactly what she’s been missing…

“Come here, grumpy.” Javier swung her legs off the bale and sat in the vacant space, settling her against his chest. Natalie let out a contented sigh as his fingers circled over her head in relaxing spirals.
She’d missed these small things, his gruff, affectionate touch, hearing his accent strengthen as passion overtook him. She tucked her nose against his chest and inhaled, in search of his irresistible musk, hidden under bright laundry soap.
“I understand there was a small confrontation with your Ryan last night.”
“Are you having me watched, Javier?”
“Of course, cariño. You think I would not keep an eye on you while you’re here?” His fingers twirled and twirled, and a taut silence spun out between them. “Do you still love him?”
Natalie fiddled with his buttons, turning one to slide through a hole and then pulling it back, over and over. “You know me, Javier. I don’t seem able to fall out of love. But if you’re asking if I want him back… Yesterday, I would have said no.”
“And today?”
“Today, it’s complicated.”
“Why, Natalie? He is young, he is a city-slicker.” The phrase, spoken in his heavy accent, made her chuckle. “He can be for you what I cannot.”
“What?” Natalie said, pushing upright. She straddled his thighs and gave him a close look. “Of course he can’t. He could never be you. Don’t be crazy.” She tapped him on the temple.
He pulled her finger away, then bit down on it. “You know what I mean. He’s there, I’m here.”
She opened her mouth to argue but he gave his head a small shake. “I let you go because you wanted it, Natalie, even though I didn’t. Now I find you lost and unhappy. I’m concerned, cariño. I think, but for a forgivable mistake, your Ryan made you happy.”
“Forgivable,” Natalie said with a snort. She combed her fingers through Javier’s hair, smoothing it down the way he liked it. “I’m not unhappy. I am unnerved by being here, I’ll grant you. And Ryan seems determined not to go away without a fuss.”
Javier drew a finger along the heart-shaped neckline of her dress. “I told you he wants you.”
“Why does it matter to you?”
“Because, cariño, you need someone who appreciates both sides of you. I watched him. He likes your sexy business clothes, and the way you are with the phone in your hand, intense and focused on your work.”
She gaped at him. “Javier, you’ve done nothing but mark your territory since I stepped foot onto this ranch. Now you’re trying to convince me to take Ryan back? Which is it?”
His gaze touched every part of her face. “Can’t it be both?”

Renee Dominick is the spicy-side alter ego of a Seattle area writer. At home in the quiet of the woods, the energetic whirl of a vibrant city, and in a mountain’s bowls and moguls when the snow calls, her travels, both real and imaginary, inspire all of her stories.

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