GIVING UP THE BOSS                         VICTORIA DAVIES

Executive assistant Lori has finally said those three little words to her boss, Jackson Sinclair, that have haunted her for months–– Goodbye, I quit.  Yep. That happened. Then she sort of ran over him. It was an accident. No. Really. It was. Now he can’t remember anything––and it’s up to her to keep his billion-dollar corporation running until he gets his memory back.

Billionaire Jackson Sinclair wakes up in a hospital to a life he can’t remember. The only person who feels familiar is Lori. The more he learns about his past, though, the more it disturbs him. He was kind of cold, and he can’t imagine why the lovely Lori put up with him. And she is lovely, as in, he can’t stop thinking about her. But he has a company to save, and there’s no time for that sort thing. Especially when it seems like his assistant is hiding something from him.

As his condition shows no signs of healing, Lori can’t help wonder what’s best, telling the truth about his accident and losing the man of her dreams or keeping quiet and living the best lie of her life.


     This is a story of an executive assistant Lori Carlow who has worked very closely for a lot of years, a lot of hours, and so many days and holidays with her boss Jackson Sinclair.
     The mastermind behind Sinclair Enterprises along with his brother Marc.  When their father passed away Jackson being the oldest stepped into his father’s shoes never looking back.  He is a no-nonsense kind of man with a different woman for every occasion.
     Never once ever noticing the one woman right in front of him who had eyes only for him.  A fiercely loyal and always there to be of service.  Yet, he never really noticed her as a woman.  As a matter of fact, as a person.  More like a shadow.
     That was until she decided to quit.  Then all of a sudden Jackson wanted to throw money at the situation.  Like that would fix her broken heart.  He just couldn’t see.  Working with him was slowly killing her.  Would he see her one day or not?  She couldn’t wait for the answer any longer she wasn’t getting any younger.
     She explained he had nothing to worry about that she had already had a temp at her desk and prepared her.  She also had set up interviews for E.A.’s for next week so he could pick a new person to take her place.  He explained he didn’t want anyone else he needed her she was the best.  Although she enjoyed hearing the words she still needed to leave.  She explained like all the years before he wouldn’t even know she was gone.
     She said her goodbyes to him a few of her friends.  She made it to her car before her waterworks started.  She’s driving out of the underground garage into the sun when someone jumps in front of her from out of nowhere.  Before she has a chance to stop she hit them.  She is so scared that she killed the person.  She realizes it’s Jackson now she’s in a panic.
     When they get into the hospital Marc his brother is called.  Where he is told he has memory loss, due to the hit to the head from the car accident.  He is not surprised Lori had finally quit after all the years she had put up with his brother’s attitude.  Not that he is much better.  But to mow him down he semi-jokes she is not ready to joke.
     He explains she is needed now more than ever.  For the company is in a position for a corp. take over.  She knows him the best and she could prep him for all meeting and functions.  She doesn’t like it but knows it’s all her fault.  Showing her game face says okay.

     See all that goes on to make this work and just how different Jackson becomes.  See how well Lori handles it.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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