After the heart-shattering ending of her first serious relationship, eighteen-year-old Sophie has sworn off love. Now that school is behind her, she plans to travel the world and form as few attachments as possible. The only exception: Lex, the artist on the other end of the Internet who chats to her almost every day. A guy she can never lose--since she doesn't actually have him to begin with.

Sophie's plan can start as soon as she's faked her way through her sister's wedding. Pretending to be happy and excited for the next week or two should be easy, right? But that was before Caleb walked onto the scene ... Best man to Sophie's almost-brother-in-law, Caleb is infuriatingly friendly and determined to get a real smile out of Sophie. Forced together through dance classes and wedding-related disasters, Sophie is determined not to like him. And terrified when she ends up failing.

Then Lex suggests he and Sophie should meet, and all Sophie's careful plans for the future begin to unravel. Now the girl who was never meant to fall for anyone must figure out what to do with the two guys tugging at her heart.

The Trouble with Falling is a sweet, clean contemporary romance that can be read as a standalone novel.

     You see how we invest ourselves every single day more and more into communicating over our devices rather than face to face. Shirly not in person so we can see each other’s emotions as they stream across our faces.
     That is why having an internet non-relationship with a friend worked so well for Sophie Henley.  At least I guess that is was you would call it at least she thought it was perfect.  You see she lost Braden, her boyfriend, a year ago and being able to have an established relationship almost a year before that helped her cope.
     Through her art, their talks, and him teaching her techniques.  Lex as she called him, was her connection to staying sane.  He also helped her set her goals higher, maintain her dreams to finish her final high school year, sell her fantasy art, and stay positive.  You see he could always tell she was hitting the bottom of the barrel when her art became dark.  No one else did.
     Selling her art on the internet was gaining a great following and making her great money towards her goals for after graduation.  One goal was to go backpacking across Europe. 
     Now that she was being commissioned to do her art it was getting better.  Her last day of school was upon her and she was waiting for her ride her sister Sarah who was also the bride to be that coming week.  Anyway, she was waiting at the craft store when a weird guy comes up to her as she is using a simple mindless coloring app.  He starts saying you know that would make you feel better if you were really coloring.
     She wanted to say Duh!  But she said thanks but NO!  So, creepy dude goes and gets markers and a pad and gives them to her and says just try it you will enjoy it.  She looks at him and then looks around like she is going to beat the crap out of this guy.  When her phone rings.  Being her sister calling saying she is close to being up front.  She tells him saved from the universe.  Meaning he won’t die today.
     Creepy Guy starts following her.  She turns around and yells stop following me.  He backs off.  When she gets home she flies to the room.  She knows that her elder sister, Jules and her husband, Josh will be arriving soon.  They will be staying at the house.  Along with Sarah who lives here and Aiden, her fiancĂ© will bunk in my old room with his best man, Caleb. 
     When she hears all the screaming she goes downstairs.  Once she says hello she goes to the kitchen to start the dinner her mom made that morning.  When she bumps into the frig.  When it closes there stands, you guessed it, creepy guy, Caleb, Aiden’s best man.
     She is not happy at all.  The thing that is interesting about this story, is even though they had this constant bantering going on there was something pulling them together.  The author had it done in a tasteful way where it was not creepy.  It is not like she had not grown up quickly over that last year that is for sure.    
    When she meets Caleb, the attraction does peek her interest but she had set her rules down and crossing them was hard for her.  She had so much fear of relationships.  The no more relationships ever! The rule was tough.

     This is a fast fun read.  Both Sophie and Caleb are fun characters that are likable.  They have a loveable charm that works.  I give this: 5 stars.  free on Amazon.  Follow us at

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