BROKEN : The sequel to The Preacher's Son

BROKEN                                            B.D. ANDERSON

Maxine James has been broken. 

When she was just thirteen, an act of unspeakable violence ended the innocence of her childhood. She was abducted and violated on her way home from school. 

Now twenty-six, the terror of her teen years is never far from her mind. She fears she won't be able to overcome her past to enjoy a normal, healthy relationship with a man. 

She lives with her sister Nadine, and her husband, Eric, and even though they are sympathetic to her trauma, home life is a challenge. When Max catches them in the throes of passion, something changes. Despite the pain of the opposition they've faced as an interracial couple, her sister and brother in law have found happiness. Max realizes that it's time to stop living in fear and regret. Encouraged by Nadine, Max agrees to return to therapy. 

Nadine's brother in law, Matthew has never been quiet about his feelings regarding his brother Eric's marriage. He has also never been quiet about his dislike for Max, a woman he feels is too outspoken for her own good...and Max has never hesitated to call him out on his racism. 

Neither of them wants to admit the undeniable attraction which is at the root of their animosity, but their siblings know what's really the cause of all that tension. Max and Matthew are persuaded to go on a "pretend" date and the date turns out to be anything but pretends, opening the door to, feelings that both of them had to accept.

     This is a story of hope, of challenges, of family, of love, pain, and success.  Most of all it is about a woman who was thirteen stuck in a twenty-six-year-old woman.  You see Maxine James had been kidnapped and violated repeatedly
     Now after thirteen years, he is being released.  In a backhanded deal with the warden, he is getting out just when things were beginning to look up for Max. 
     Yes, Max, Nadine, and Eric all live together and she has only had a few episodes with Eric that reminded her of the event that changed her.  So, they are calling that a win after a year of living together.  She has been seeing Dr. Nelson again after the first time an episode happened around, Eric.
     It was the only way Nadine would agree to stay there with her twin girls and Eric.  She sees her doctor twice a month.  She encourages her to date and talks to men.  Max finds that really hard to do.  To help her out Eric strong arms Matt his brother.  Even though the two protests loud and proud that they do not like one another everyone else can see the sexual tension and attraction.
     You see Matthew is if you ask Max, a racist.  But she doesn’t know deep down he really is crushing on her as she is on him.  Matt calls her a man hater.  They equal each other out.  Max saved Matt’s bacon in a business deal that could have gone all kinds of bad.  If she really hated him that would have been the perfect time to let him crash and burn but she didn’t.
     With those thousands of dollars save and his business too he owned her and he knew it too.  So, even though he fought Eric he knew he would come over for dinner to help Max with her inclusion dinner to be around guys.  Plus, he didn’t want to be another guy.
     Anyway, as dinner is underway Eric ask Matt how his date the other night had gone.  Matt just glares at Eric.  Then ask Max if she has a boyfriend.  She said she didn’t and that she hasn’t dated.  Matt asks how long and she responds ever.  He is shocked. 
     So, Eric says basically, why don’t you take her out, Matt?  They are like, NO!  Then Eric says something like, not for real since you both hate each other but for pretending.  You know Matt since she saved your butt and all.  You do owe her. The end up agreeing to go to dinner and a movie.
     This is a two-part book that is an oh so engulfing book you don’t want to put it down.  Yes, it is faith based, yet, very real with, real couples talking and having sex, foreplay, and arguments.  There is praying and scripture and humor and tears.  You will feel what this couple feels as they walk through this journey sometimes alone of their choosing and sometimes together.

     Where the first book deals with the interracial braking of the ice and the acceptance from family, friends, and community.  This book deals with a personal journey they must walk in order to find themselves dealing with issues they were taught by family and then overcoming physical hurts in order to become a couple.  But if you truly love someone you have to be able to walk the walk with them and believe that you have a power greater than yourself to guide you.  They chose God as their guide.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  I purchased this book on Amazon because I just had to know what happened.  Follow us at

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