Wyatt Henderson was the oldest 24-year-old on earth. Spontaneity had its price. He was drowning in business and responsibility to make a good life for his kids.

The overworked, single father never expected to look out the window and find his future spinning in circles fighting her own battles. He gave up on love and relationships when he was abandoned in his worst hour.

Lulu Pearl Dunn was searching for a break and hoping to fulfill a dream. Her singing aspirations had nothing to do with Wyatt and his kids, but not all dreams are one-dimensional.

Lulu's will had been tested and Wyatt was struggling to stay afloat. His kids were his world, but Wyatt found out his heart had room for another. Two strangers struck a deal that would rescue them both from sinking. A working relationship turned into a new way of life and everyday life bloomed into love. Lulu wasn't looking for a family, but the family was looking for her even if it was accidental.

Wyatt and Lulu soon proved that harmonizing is easy when everyone does their part.

He touched his lips to hers again for a soft peck.

“You better go back to your room because I’m untrustworthy this second.”

“Yeah, I know. Me too. So, you understand what I mean?”

“Yes.” Lulu had never moved this fast with anyone and there was a family involved, not just a guy. If she was completely honest, he could have made the move to the bed and she wouldn’t have stopped him, but now she was glad he was stronger than she was.

Wyatt hugged her. He gave her one more kiss. “We have to be careful. Mabel sees everything.”

“Believe me, I’ve noticed. I’ll be totally discreet. I’ll only lust after your perfect body in my mind.”

He laughed. “Or when they’re asleep.”

“Check,” Lulu pointed back at Wyatt with an exaggerated wink.

“So, about that boy break you mentioned?” Now she felt like an idiot and a liar. He grabbed her once more and kissed her breathless. “I’m not a boy, Lulu. I’m a man.”

He walked out of her room and Lulu fell face down on the bed. Why was her new boss so hot? What the hell just happened? She could not screw this up. Lulu gave herself a pep talk. Maybe all her relationships were disasters because like she admitted, she’d only been with losers. Wyatt was successful and responsible on top of his good looks. He also knew how to kiss a woman and he was most definitely all man. She could only speculate how talented a man like Wyatt could be, but he put his kids before anything else. That was by far the most attractive thing about him. He was such a great dad. Lulu was pretty sure it was a biological fact women were more attracted to men like him.


Destiny: a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency.

Mateo Morales worried little about chance or fate. He focused on facts and well-made plans. He had something to prove and a desire to succeed. So far, life had been tough, but Mateo had met the challenges and was ready to take the next step.

He was a doctor embarking on a brand-new start when she ran into him... literally.

He planned to shake it off. A pretty woman was rarely more than a one-night distraction.

Except there was more to it this time. Sawyer was from his past and suddenly Mateo knew she would be part of his future.

“It’s just us now. Can I be honest?”

“Sure, you can tell me anything.”

“There’s no such thing as the perfect woman or man or relationship. If that’s what someone is seeking, they’re sure to be disappointed. All I want is to love someone that loves me back as much as I love her. I want someone that gets my bad jokes, puts up with me when I’m grouchy or too outspoken. I want a woman who isn’t afraid to eat a fattening meal with me every once in a while, and throw down with a decadent dessert afterward. I don’t care for fake bimbos with zero intelligence that can’t carry on a decent conversation. I’m partial to brunettes with brown eyes and pouty, mismatched lips that would jump at the chance to take a dare even if she might embarrass herself. Those are all the things that would make someone close enough to perfect for me. Know where I could find someone like that?”"

Her breathing sounded heavier than normal. He could feel it and hear it. She was slightly shaking even though he thought it was plenty warm under the blanket. The light in the night sky was just enough, he caught a tear hidden in her eye. “Matt,” she whispered softly, “I... I didn’t know.”

“Yes, you did. If you really were paying attention, you knew.”

“But Ashton.” He stopped her, “Is wrong for you. Admit it, you made a snap decision about Ashley being wrong for me, but I have been watching your Ash for months. He will not make you happy, not for a lifetime. My God, I don’t even think he knows the real you. Doesn’t that scare the hell out of you, Daniella.”

“Of course, I’m nervous. Marriage is a big commitment, but I’ve already promised, I love him. I don’t know why you’re trying to convince me otherwise.”

“Do you? Are you absolutely sure about that? Can you look at me right now and tell me you have zero doubts and you only see me as a friend?” The tears couldn’t stay hidden any longer. They began to escape her eyes, and he swept each one of them off her cheek. He leaned in until they were sharing the same air, “Sawyer, I’m not going to kiss you because you’re engaged, but...” he moved an inch closer and pressed his forehead firmly against hers. They were so close it blurred his vision, so he closed his eyes and waited to see if she pulled away. She didn’t. “But you wish I would. I know you do and that is your answer."

TC Rybicki is an independent author committed to storytelling and stirring up emotions. TC loves to write, writes to live some days. She has coined herself a hybrid author because she is currently writing touching romances sprinkled with drama and angst but looks forward into branching out with family dynamic tales, possible thrillers, and young adult stories. She enjoys a simple life in Texas with her husband and a brood of kiddos. TC adores her dogs, cats, beardies and a turtle named Tiny. When she isn't writing, she is taking care of the family, cooking good food, walking for fresh air to hash out plot bunnies or refreshing her IG feed. Her own life story is unique and tragic with a happy ending in the works. Her writing reflects the experiences she's endured. The muse speaks to her almost night and day so a book or two is always in the works.

Connect with TC through social media or her website.

"Instagram is where I roll, but I'm hanging around all the other social sites. Pinterest is where my mind runs amuck when I'm not writing. Check out my story muse boards if you want visuals to my work."

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