HARMONY                                         TC RYBICKI

Wyatt Henderson was the oldest 24-year-old on earth. Spontaneity had its price. He was drowning in business and responsibility to make a good life for his kids.

The overworked, single father never expected to look out the window and find his future spinning in circles fighting her own battles. He gave up on love and relationships when he was abandoned in his worst hour.

Lulu Pearl Dunn was searching for a break and hoping to fulfill a dream. Her singing aspirations had nothing to do with Wyatt and his kids, but not all dreams are one-dimensional.

Lulu's will had been tested and Wyatt was struggling to stay afloat. His kids were his world, but Wyatt found out his heart had room for another. Two strangers struck a deal that would rescue them both from sinking. A working relationship turned into a new way of life and everyday life bloomed into love. Lulu wasn't looking for a family, but the family was looking for her even if it was accidental.

Wyatt and Lulu soon proved that harmonizing is easy when everyone does their part.


     I totally enjoyed this book-I mean immensely!  The characters are right away endearing and cheerful all at once that they steal your heart.  So, get ready to allow this author to show you a part of the bravest of fathers out there who hold down the fort and love it.  Yet, we don’t hear about it or don’t give enough credit to them.
     Meet Wyatt Henderson, twenty-four.  A man with the body of a sexier than hell gym rat and long hair of a Rockstar but… you would never guess he is a single father that works for a multi-million-dollar business he does from home because his kids need him.  Thank goodness his boss understands that and he wouldn’t have it any other way. 
     You see he has, Mabel, a very precocious five-year-old who you would swear is sixteen.  Not to mention twin seven-month-olds boys, Henry and Eli.  Wyatt at any time is just trying to catch at least two hours sleep together.  But that is just not happening.  He has tried hiring a nanny but his daughter punks them with pranks.  She has abandonment issues from her mom walking out so women don’t stand a chance.
     So, when the vacant house across the street gets a black haired with a purple streak haired sexy goddess having a fight with her water hose Wyatt didn’t stand a chance.  Lulu Pearl Dunn, twenty-two, wants to be a singer in Nashville but has been a preschool aide at her mother preschool since she was sixteen so she knows kids.  But her so-called boyfriend cuts and runs.  Now she’s stuck across the street with a crazy roommate.
     Mabel tells Wyatt she likes her hair and thinks she’s cool.  What he likes about Lulu is that she talks directly to Mabel and the boys on their level.  When Mabel being honest says she stinks Wyatt sees his chances slipping away.  Lulu just laughs and says she does.  Telling her it took a while to drive that far and that now she has a crazy roommate and she can’t trust him to shower.
     Wyatt won’t have any of that so he goes to talk to the roommate and well that next thing you know she is over at his house with all her stuff and she has a new job.  Wyatt hires her on a trial base mostly on her see if she likes them bases.  LOL! 
     You can’t miss this book.  Although you know there will be the HEA, Mabel and Lulu will make it worth your while.  They are too funny together and apart.  Not to mention you will find some heartfelt moments that will pull on your heartstrings.  I give this:  5++++ stars.  Kindle Unlimited. 

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