They say time heals all wounds…

It’s been two years since former engineer Gabriel Ivers lost his wife and accepted a job as a building superintendent to be home with his children. His focus is being both mom and dad to his girls until the beautiful Amelia Blake moves next door and reminds him he’s a man as well as a dad. Just as he begins to hope that his life can once again hold more than homework, chores, and movie-and-manicure nights with his girls, he discovers the reason for the fragility beneath Lia's warm smile. 

Lia is trying to move on with her life after a miscarriage ends all hope for a baby, and a subsequent betrayal destroys her marriage. She’s charmed by her new neighbor with his sparkling manicure, multi-colored hair clips, and his brood of girls, but disturbed by the sexual tension that sizzles between them. Gabe and his daughters remind her of everything she’s always wanted and it would be so easy to take what he's offering her. But is she ready to risk her heart again, especially when her heart isn't the only one in play?

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is hard. Good thing Gabe is a fighter who's determined to prove to Lia he’s in this for the long haul…the rest of their lives.

     I don’t know how I keep picking these books lately but infertility is circling me.  Since it was a big part of my life for so long I guess there is more I need to work through.
     Anyway, this was an interesting concept one that may have put me out of commission for good.  As a woman who not only wanted children, wanted to be around children, but a woman who ever wanted to have a man in her life again.  As a friend of ours used to say, her husband was one “Rat Bastard” with a capital “R” and “B”.
     While his wife had been going through the process of trying to conceive, keeping track of her cycle, taking her temperature, and doing all that she can to make it as romantic as possible so they could have the baby they always wanted he was screwing “Candi” with an “I” the new neighbor upstairs.  The same neighbor they both used to make fun of for the “Candi with I” phrase she always made when she first moved in.
     As if that wasn’t bad enough the day Lia had complications with the pregnancy they were finally excited about.  Or so she thought she couldn’t get ahold of her now ex.  When she tried him, at work.  He arrives the next morning at the hospital and she proceeds to tell him how devastated she is about losing their baby and her ability to ever have children again. 
     He only stops her and proceeds to tell her that he wants a divorce.  That he had wanted to tell her the night they found out she was pregnant.  But felt like he was trapped she they had been trying so hard for so long.  But that he was in love with Candi upstairs and she just found out that they were having a baby.  He said not to worry she could have their apartment he was moving upstairs with Candi.
     Lia checked out of the hospital before she was supposed to and went home.  She lasted there a week and had to move.  He BFF Roseann was a lifesaver and found her an apartment.  She could move in right away, so she did.  Sight unseen.
     The complex she moves into the super there is Gabriel and he is a widower with four girls.  Kimberly-12, Olivia-9, Maddie-6, and Emerson-2 who are his world.  His wife Janey died two years and two months ago and he has cared for the girls ever since.  For a while, he had some help from his in-laws and then from his BFF Mike who the girls call Uncle Mike.
     Being an only child, he is all Gabe has in the way, of family, since his mother wants nothing to do with them since she is trying to find herself.  In order to be with his girls, he quit the job he loves as an engineer and sold their home to move to the small one-bedroom apartment to be, the super in order to get free rent, small salary, and hours needed with his daughters.
     Now when the two meet there are sparks.  Neither are prepared at all.  Gabe gets angry.  He has never even looked at another woman since he met Janey at the age of fifteen.  When Lia appears, it throws him for a loop.  Why?  Why her?  Especially when everyone has been telling him it is time to start dating again he feels guilty that he is cheating on Janey.

     This is where they begin to circle one another.  See how this couple handles a possible relationship.  Not to mention how his girls will handle this relationship.  You have four very different personalities who used to having their daddy all to themselves.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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