A HOT MONTANA SUMMER (Glacier Creek Book 1)


Jamie Colter is a combat-hardened Marine who’s back in Glacier Creek recuperating from a mortar attack that left him with a busted leg and a serious case of cabin fever. He just wants to get back on his feet and rejoin his unit, until the one woman he’s never been able to forget walks back into his life. The last time she saw him, he was a scrawny teenager. Now he has just two weeks to make her see him as the only man who is perfect for her. 

With her marriage in ruins, Rachel McCafferty returns to Glacier Creek to nurse her wounds and make a fresh start—one that doesn’t involve someone who will eventually abandon her, the way her ex-husband did. When Rachel catches sight of Jamie, she’s dumbstruck by his good looks and brash confidence. He’s no longer a boy—he’s a man, and when he makes it clear he’s hers for the taking, she finds herself rethinking all her rules about younger guys.

     There wasn’t a time when Jamie could remember when he wasn’t in love with his best friend’s older sister, Rachel.  He was a month short of fourteen and she was twenty and home for a visit from college.  He declared his love for her and also that one day he would marry her.
     When Rachel finished stirring the lemonade she was making she poured him a glass and pointed out the age difference.  Yet, she could tell by the look in his eyes he could care less and he meant every word.  She didn’t have the heart to dash his declaration so she just stared.  “I’ll be an old maid by then if you expect me to wait fourteen years for you, you’re only twelve.”
     He said don’t worry in fourteen years we’ll be married.  He was so sure about it she didn’t know how to respond.  Thank goodness her brother cam in all mad at him for not coming upstairs to get him.  He was annoyed Jamie was hanging with his sister.  Dylan says if she was your sister you wouldn’t like hanging around with her and living with her.
     As they leave to go and Jamie gathers up his skateboard so they could meet some friends to go skateboarding he tells her that he, thank God daily she’s not his sister with the wickedest grin ever.  As if he knew something she didn’t.
     Now, twelve years later after being deployed in Syria and being injured severely.  Jamie’s staying with his parents when he’s about to go crazy from his mom fussing over him twenty-four-seven.  He finds out that he and his dad finally talked his mom into keeping their plans to go on their cruise with there good friends the McCafferty’s that live across the street.  Dylan and Rachel’s parents.
     As he’s out getting the mail the day before they are to leave using his crutches to get around.  He sees a Porsche Carrera GT pull into the McCafferty’s driveway.  When sexy as ever Rachel gets out wearing a pair of white short shorts with her dark hair long and glistening he goes hard as hell. 
     She looks even better than she did the last time he saw her three years ago in a trendy restaurant waiting on her sleazeball husband to come back with her drink.  But he was flirting at the bar.  So, he just admired her from afar.
     When they were done catching up and making nice with each other and turning to go into their parent's houses when Rachel hears him say “Great seeing you, Rachel.”  To which she says, “Yes, we should do it again, soon.”
     Rachel’s only problem is her hang up with age.  She was older than Deke by three years.  He had done a number on her at the end of the relationship.  Other women and then when she went to him to end it he belittled her in front of all his friends.  Calling out all of her weaknesses and if they weren’t weaknesses they are now.
     Five minutes with Jamie made her feel sexy and desired so she feels so conflicted and lustful.  Follow this couple as they both find a way to heal.  Him from almost being buried alive.  Rachel from an ex-who liked the chase better than the marriage.  Can they teach each other to feel at ease with one another and not allow the world to crowd them?

     I loved how we saw this so much from Jamie’s POV.  How he loved Rachel for so long and that no matter what it didn’t fade.  Not age, not wrinkles, not an idiot of an ex-husband either.  He loved, Rachel.  Yet, he stood up for himself to not allow himself to be used either.  He would not be her dirty little secret.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  
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