Six Brothers Construction was built to reunite a family and heal a painful past. So far it’s opened to rave reviews. But the youngest sibling is about to discover that the right woman can shake even a rock-solid foundation . . .

Wyatt Thorne was so traumatized by his mother’s abandonment he didn’t speak until he was six. At 26, he’s still the quiet type—strong and silent, most comfortable with a hammer in his hand and works to do. But the reassuring rhythm of his life is interrupted when his brother Beckett decides to pay forward their unused office space to a needy start-up. Enter Rhia Hollis, flighty, impulsive, and outspoken—everything that drives Wyatt crazy. Only this time in the sexiest, most irresistible way . . .

Rhia is determined to disprove her reckless, party girl image by making her new company, Seize the Day, the premier event planning firm in Raleigh. She has big dreams, and the Thornes’ offer of a free command center is a huge help. But Wyatt’s gruff, stubborn resistance to her presence is an annoying hindrance. They’re as different as night and day, yet when they begin to meet in the middle, the sparks fly hot. Is this a case of opposites distract—or the beginning of a beautiful long-term project?

“What?” I looked up from the email I was sending.
“You’re singing.”
“I’m sorry, but to be fair, there’s no rule against it.” I should have kept my mouth shut.
“An oversight on my part. Rule number four: no singing.”
“What in the world do you do for fun, Wyatt? Sit around and watch the second coat of beige paint dry?” I was pretty sure Wyatt was my age, but I swear my eighty-year-old Uncle Bo acted less crotchety when his hemorrhoids flared up than Wyatt. I wasn’t sure Wyatt Thorne knew what fun was let alone permit anyone to have any fun while standing next to him.
“I’m assuming that’s a rhetorical question,” Wyatt said. 
I seriously wanted to know. But that would require talking to him. And then I could guess what rule number five would be. I tried to imagine Wyatt looking anything but calm. I pictured him riding on the back of a T-Rex, and still, he wore his somber expression. Who wouldn’t have fun on the back of a dinosaur?
Imaginary Wyatt Thorne, that’s who.

Beckett. Asher. Gray. Eli. Ryker. Wyatt. Five out of six very different brothers reunited—and working to make their construction firm a success. But oldest brother Beckett just found their major new project becoming one hard and sexy challenge . . .

A rough childhood tore Beckett and his brothers apart. It took everything he had to track them down and establish Six Brothers Construction. He only trusts them—and his drive to win. Now if SBC can build a billionaire team owner’s much-hyped new mansion, it will put them on the map—and finally fulfill Beckett’s promise to take care of his siblings. Too bad he’ll have to collaborate with hot new rival Samantha Devine, who’s throwing him curves on-site, out-the-box . . . and between the sheets.

Sam knows from experience that arrogant good-ole-boy Beckett is long, strong, and built to go the distance. But this is her only shot to prove she and her fledgling design company can succeed on her own terms. She’ll match Beckett’s expertise by day—and reignite the explosive heat between them by night. But when passion threatens to become real love, will this competition separate them for good . . . or make the sizzling collaboration of a lifetime?

The problem was he was my sexual kryptonite. 
I’d met Beckett Thorne two years ago when I’d first moved to Raleigh. He’d come sauntering over at the Building and Design Expo, offering to show me around town. I’d been warned about him. Rumor was the offer to show me his bedroom would follow shortly after that. And then he’d show me the door even quicker.
I’m not saying it was easy to turn him down. In fact, I’m not saying that at all.
Because I didn’t. 


Short bio: Lee Kilraine writes small town contemporary romance with a touch of quirky humor. She loves writing and reading stories with a Happily Ever After and if they make her laugh...well, that's perfect. She has a weakness for dogs, bacon cheeseburgers, red wine, and Alpha heroes.
TMI bio: Lee mostly hangs out in yoga pants writing away at her computer with her Golden Retriever, Harley, destroying something at her feet. When she’s not writing you might find her having a hot flash, or *thinking* about working out, mixing her metaphors with wild rebellion, or sending Bitmojis or GIFs to one of her four young adult children.
Due to the fact that she’s craft and techno challenged, her hobbies mostly involve watching things. Bird watching, star gazing, and watching cute puppy videos. (She has attained an expert level at this.) She's perfected watching the ocean waves hit the beach with a book in one hand and a cold adult beverage in the other.

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