Rad-Reader:  Where did the idea for this book come from?

Lynnette:  I so enjoyed working with Jenni Beth, Cricket, and Tansy as they renovated Magnolia House and turned it into a wedding renovation in my Magnolia Brides series. But the small town really needed a bridal shop. So why not bring Jenni Beth’s roommate in from Savannah to open one? At the end of The Picture Perfect Wedding, Molly meets Brant Wylder. Brant and his brothers are looking for a new location for their Wylder Rides shop, a vintage car and motorcycle restoration business. Why not make that spot Misty Bottoms, Georgia?

Rad-Reader:  What made you say yes this is something I can work with to make into a good story?

Lynnette:  The skeleton was already in place since I’d be staying in Misty Bottoms with all my friends there. Molly would be opening a bridal boutique—and how much fun is that? Surrounded by wedding gowns, brides and grooms, champagne and lace. The idea of it all made me sigh, then smile. Add in three sexy brothers and some babies and it’s the kind of story I love to read—so what better kind to write?

Rad-Reader:  Can you tell us some backstory on Molly and Brant that we might not know that you cut but helped form their characters better?

Lynnette:  Molly walks onto the page looking confident and self-assured. Below the surface, though, are scars from childhood, a feeling of never quite being enough. Brant fights hard to help her understand that she is way, way more than enough in every way. And Brant? Although he’d deny it with his last breath, he’s a fixer. Whether it’s people or his beloved vintage cars, if he sees something that’s broken, he wants to make it right. 

Rad-Reader:  What are each of their characters looking for in their lives at the beginning of the book?

Lynnette:  Brant is looking for some peace. He’s had quite a lot turmoil in his life lately, but as the book begins, he’s feeling pretty happy. Life is looking up. One phone call and that all comes crashing down. Molly has a list of priorities and is focused on staying on-target with her life-goals. But you’ve all heard the saying—“Man makes plans, and God laughs.”

Rad-Reader:  When the book opens they are at the end of the friend’s wedding.  Was that when they met at the wedding hoopla for the first time?

Lynnette:  Brant and Molly actually met for the first time—sort of—at the end of Picture Perfect Wedding, book three of the Magnolia Brides series. Brant watches as Molly, fighting to escape the frenzied women trying to catch the bridal bouquet, is hit with it. He wonders at the look of panic that crosses her face as it tumbles into her arms.

Rad-Reader:  Did Brant even notice that twice he said that Molly soothed something inside of him?

Lynnette:  He did. There are some things that bear repeating. For Brant, it was important that Molly know the effect she has on him. What with his sister’s problem, temporary custody of his seven-month-old Jax, and his mom’s recovery from a stroke, his life has been bumpy lately. Molly smoothes out those bumps, and he needs her to understand that.

Rad-Reader:  What was it that finally made Molly decide to call Brant that night after all?  She at first trashed his number she got from Russell.

Lynnette:  She couldn’t forget how he’d looked when he’d answered his phone. In seconds, his world had upended. And…she couldn’t forget how she’d felt when he’d held her close during their dance or how his lips felt. But mostly it was the anguish in his voice. 

Rad-Reader:  Why is it taking both brothers to stay in Tenn. To run the business when they know Brant could really use the help? Especially, when he needs support dealing with his sister’s medical and legal problems but especially the baby?

Lynnette:  They were taking care of business. Although Brant desperately needed help with the baby, he understood this. His brothers had flown to Texas to pick up a barn-find Corvette they’d been hired to restore. After the wedding, Brant had intended to return to Tennessee. Since he couldn’t, Tucker and Gaven had to get things there back on even-keel before heading to Misty Bottoms to help. 

Rad-Reader:  Did Tucker call Molly and say he wanted the truth because Brant takes on too much?  If so, then why didn’t he come?  She told Tucker, Brant needs help yet he still hadn’t shown after days and days. Why?

Lynnette:  Tucker worried that Brant was sugar-coating the situation so the rest of the family didn’t worry. It’s what he often did. He promised he and Gaven would come as soon as possible. A lot was riding on the business—for all of them.

Rad-Reader:  So, are they part of the issue?  They take advantage of Brant’s kindness?

Lynnette:  Brant has always been the one the family looked to for guidance. Even though he’s the middle son, once Tucker left for the Marines, Brant shouldered the responsibilities. I don’t think it’s that they’re taking advantage, simply falling back on old patterns. In families, it’s common for each member to play a certain role.

Rad-Reader:  Molly at first made it sound like her dad abandoned them only to come and find out he funded her business.  So, what’s with that?

Lynnette:  Molly’s father did help her financially, but what she really wanted was his love and his time. To a young child, these are the things that are most important. No amount of money can replace those. He walked out on her and her mother without any warning. 

Rad-Reader:  Why doesn’t her Brant want to claim Molly as his girlfriend?  Yet, when Gavin says can he ask her out he is like not if you like your face.  Why?

Lynnette:  Brant realizes very quickly that Molly is leery of relationships. He’s sworn to take things slowly with her. Gaven, however, plays the bad boy of the family. He dates a lot but doesn’t get involved in any relationships—not since his own marriage ended after only twenty-one days. When Gaven threatens to ask Molly out, he was only pulling his brother’s chain, teasing to find out what Brant would do, giving him a nudge to take that next step.
Rad-Reader: That was so funny.

Rad-Reader:  Why doesn’t Gaven want to live alone?  He wants to live with one of his brothers so badly.

Lynnette:  He’s the youngest of the boys and loves being taken care of. Living with someone else, he has a lot less responsibility. 

Rad-Reader:  Was Brant looking at the end game towards when Jax’s mom got out?

Lynnette:  There are so many times in our lives when we know we’re wearing those rose-colored glasses, but we don’t want to take them off. Brant knew his time with Jax came with an expiration date. That didn’t make it hurt any less when that time came. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?
Rad-Reader:  Unfortunately, yes we have. 

Rad-Reader:  What do you think Molly’s biggest fear was with regards to Brant?

Lynnette:  She was afraid she’d give him her heart and he’d walk away, trampling it, as both her father and Keith had. It’s that old once-burned fear.  

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play…?

Molly:  Lucy Hale

Brant:  Ryan Paevey

Tucker:  Matthew Daddario

Gaven:  Steve R McQueen

Lainey:  Willa Holland

Lettie:  Helen Mirren


Molly:  I agree totally with Lucy Hale.

Lainey:  I agree with Willa Holland. She’d make a perfect Lainey.

Rad-Reader:  What song or songs best describes your couple or your book as a whole?

“Red Wine & White Couch – Danielle Bradbery”

Molly has so many fears from her past.  She had a dad who walked out on her and a man who had stepped out on her when she thought she had found the one.  So, she had reverted to the list she made at fifteen.  Especially now with a sexy man like Brant in her viewfinder.

“She’s Got a Way – Chris Young”

When Brant looks at Molly even she’s not looking at her he can’t look away.  To him, she is the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen.  Although, he can’t admit it to himself yet he wants her for his forever girl.  He tries to fit it at all cost.  Yet, he sees her and something in his chest shifts.

For Brant. I like both of these:
  “To Make You Feel My Love” by Garth Brooks

 “Amazed” by Lone Star

Molly does something to him no other woman has ever done before and, even though it scares him, he’s amazed at her!

Molly: I have to say you hit it right on the head with Danielle Bradbery’s  “Red Wine and White Couch”.  As far as Molly is concerned, letting herself fall in love is a dangerous thing, one she’s afraid of. Yet she just can’t seem to resist Brant. 

Rad-Reader:  What do you say to those readers that said that this too clean of a book with no sex in it?  LOL, seems backward for ones for once.

Lynnette:   I was surprised at this reaction, to be honest! 😊 I write relationship books. To me, it’s all about that connection between my hero and heroine. The characters in the book need to be true to themselves…and they had a seven-month-old baby to work around. I think anyone in that situation understands how tough it can be to find a couple time. Yet they do, and so did Brant and Molly.  They managed some between-the-sheets time and when they couldn’t, they were definitely thinking about it and stealing some smoldering kisses. 

Rad-Reader:  What are three things you can’t leave home without?

Lynnette:  My cell phone (and how bad is that!), a credit card, and a bag of Cheetos tucked in my purse (I’m addicted. What can I say?).

Rad-Reader:  What is the last movie you watched and why that movie?

Lynnette:  Mission Impossible. Why? LOL Because I went with my husband and another couple. Majority ruled. J

Rad-Reader:  Did you use a storyboard when writing this book or anything on the internet like Pinterest to help keep the characters and storyline in place in your mind?

Lynnette:  I actually use both. I’m a plantser—a blend of someone who plots the entire story and a pantser who figures the story out as she writes it. I do quite a bit of plotting and planning before I write with lots of room for detours. Those side trips can add so much depth, but the storyboard (my map) gets me back on the highway so I end up where I (and my characters) need to be. 

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when will it be coming out?

Lynnette:  Tucker insists his story be told next. It’s titled I’ve Got You, Babe and will be out next year.

When Caleb Wylder heads into work, a hot cup of coffee in hand and a weekend fishing trip on his mind, he has no idea that his life is about to take a major detour. 
At the sound of high-heels on the garage’s concrete floor, Caleb slides from beneath the ‘55 Chevy. The most incredible pair of legs he’s ever seen greets him.  Flat on his back, his gaze traveled up over a body that matched the legs beat for beat, then on to a face only angels could have created.
She swayed and reached out toward the wall.
“You okay?” Even as Tucker spoke, he saw those mind-blowing eyes go blank.
A high-pitched wail split the air. Panicked, his head whipped up, and he glanced toward the beater parked out front. The driver’s side door hung open; in the back, strapped into a child’s seat, sat a little girl with her mama’s pale blond hair—a little girl winding up for one hell of a crying jag. 
And the day just got better!
Rad-Reader: I can't wait!

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?  Links

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?  Links

Thanks so much for inviting me today. I love to write the stories bopping around in my head and always love talking about them.

Believe me, it was my pleasure to be able to read your creation.  Even all the clean and squeakiness and all. LOL!  The characters were just the type I just love to read about.  The buddying in and crazy funny and yet just enough melting of the heart and a little aching of the heart with family problems too.  Thanks again for coming back it was great fun talking to you again.


  1. Love your stories. You are the BEST at relationships. Your characters are so alive. I'm a fan forever.

    1. Thank you so much, Karen! Tucker's book will be out soon--I've Got You, Babe.

  2. I'm a big fan of Lynn's book. I've read every book she has written, and I love all of them. I've been able to see how her storytelling has grown from year to year. Keep it up, Lynn. I'm waiting for you next book.


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