Megan and Peter have been friends since high school. Best friends. Others might speculate about their close relationship, but through the years, they've always kept it platonic. Until one snowy night in Vail that changed everything. 

A Friends With Benefits arrangement could be the best of both worlds. With sizzling passion and a strong bond, what could go wrong? 

This is the THIRD book in the Modern Girl's Guide series. While Friends with Benefits is a STANDALONE romance with a HEA, there are returning character from early books (expect spoilers). Want to start from the beginning? Check out MGG Vacation Flings:

     Very interesting concept to an old story which many have tried but few have mastered.  No, judgment just observation.  Especially, after a friendship this long in the making.  Emotions are hard under the best of conditions but to add history and underbelly battle wounds, Yikes!
     Megan is the younger sister to Simon.  A good friend and business partner to both Simon and Matt.  Along the way, Megan and Peter became BFF’s.  Mainly, I would say because although she, Simon, and Matt came from money and standing in the community, Peter has never had to prove himself to her with his two best guy friends he has always felt a need to since he did have the financials to show for it.
     You see when Meg’s mom died she looked for ways to one feel things and two, get attention from her father.  The senator being himself was always in the public eye.  It was Simon’s job to keep Meg out of the press.  In turn as, his friends for Peter and Matt’s job too to do the same.
     Over the last couple of years, the dynamics of the group has begun to change.  The guys are coupling with her best friends.  And the boys are now expanding their business out of Chicago with an office in New York.  So, Simon, Kim, and Peter (Peter is temporary,) have all moved there.  Peter’s been there for four months.  Matt and Beth are expecting their first child and Meg’s life is crazy and out of control or at least it feels that way.
     You see the fixer-upper home she bought is a money pit.  The contractor and his partner are the only good thing in the whole scheme that helps.  Her erotic book series of which she is on the last one to finish her contractual obligation to the series has hit a major writer’s block.  It’s due in three weeks, Yikes!  Not to mention she is turning thirty, YAY!
     Not!  She’s late getting to her own Vail ski birthday weekend they have every year.  Her brother messed up so they are short a cabin and she will have to room with Peter.  Not a problem there are two rooms.  When she gets there, she sees a Jacuzzi and strips and grabs a bottle of wine and she’s in. 
     Naked in the Jacuzzi should not be a problem since she was told by Julia, Simon’s girlfriend, that Peter’s plane was snowed-in in New York he wouldn’t be there until tomorrow morning.  So, feeling sorry for herself from being tired, the house, writer’s block, no Peter, no cabin, and turning thirty, Yay her.
      When she hears Peter’s voice.  Now she is cussing up a storm.  Then she hears a woman’s voice.  Accuses him of being a man-whore for bringing a slope bunny to the cabin at one a.m.  How and who does that?  He tells her to get out so they could talk.  She says no three times telling him just go to bed.  He won’t stop.  After three times him saying it she gets out covers her hair with her towel and goes to bed.  Leaving him with a woody.
     This book was cute and had a lot of funny moments.  I just couldn’t get over how many times it took them each arguing themselves out of their own views.   It was irritating.  Meg is one stubborn chick who didn’t want to get out of her own way.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by 

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