“Just for tonight.”

Until their chance reunion takes a sharp turn…toward twins.
Tech billionaire Benjamin Bennett can’t resist a steamy weekend with Sloane Sutton—his crush on her goes way back. But when he tracks her down, she’s pregnant—with twins! Now their fling is a trust thing. Benji wants a wedding; his family claims she’s a gold-digger. But Sloane won’t be bought—or married. Can they find common ground…and a shot at forever?

“Benji? Oh, my God, is that you?”

Benjamin Bennett shifted his attention to the source of the husky female voice he knew as well as his own.

“Sloane.” He hadn’t seen Sloane Sutton in nearly a decade yet he recognized her instantly. The passing years had been good to her; she was even more beautiful than he remembered. “I wasn’t sure you were coming to the wedding.”

Sloane wrapped him in a hug that seared his skin and sent electricity skittering down his spine. He released her reluctantly.

“I just decided a couple of days ago.” Sloane smoothed down the skirt of her brilliant blue, floor-length gown. It hugged her heart-stopping curves, showing off the glowing brown skin of one toned shoulder. “I didn’t even tell Delia I was coming.”

That explained why his sister hadn’t mentioned it.

“Well, it’s good to see you, Sloane. You look…incredible,” he stammered, his face and neck warm. The passage of time hadn’t lessened Sloane’s effect on him. He was as tongue-tied in her presence now as he’d been at fifteen.

His crush on her began the moment he’d first laid eyes on her. He was five years old and Sloane was ten.

“Thanks.” Sloane beamed. “You look pretty darned handsome yourself.”

“Blake must’ve been glad to see you.” Benji nodded toward the groom. He loosened the collar of his shirt, which suddenly seemed too tight.

“It’s good to see Blake so happy.” Sloane’s gaze softened, but sadness suddenly crept into her voice and clouded her brown eyes. “Savannah seems really sweet, and their baby, Davis, is adorable.”

“He’s a cute kid,” Benji acknowledged, shoving his hands in his pockets and shifting his weight to his other foot. “And Savannah is really sweet. You’ll like her.”

Getting to the altar hadn’t been easy for his cousin and Savannah. When they’d first met, Savannah was on a mission to infiltrate the company founded by Blake’s grandfather to prove that half King’s Finest Distillery belonged to her family. But somehow, they’d managed to move past the pain and distrust to find love and happiness.

Sloane caught the eye of someone on the other side of the room and nodded. She turned back to him. “I’d better go, but we’ll catch up later.”

“Count on it.” Benji watched as she walked away.

Sloane Sutton.

Growing up, he’d adored Sloane. She and his sister Delia had been thick as thieves. He’d spent countless nights as a boy kept awake by their girlish giggles, heard through the thin wall between his and Delia’s bedrooms. Sloane had been everything to him, but she’d seen him as an honorary little brother.

She’d been a beautiful girl, but she’d grown into a stunning woman. When they were young, she’d had the toned body of a farm girl who was no stranger to physical labor; her lean, athletic body had given way to softer, fuller curves. The hair she’d worn in a thick, black braid down her back, was now cut short on the sides with thick, glossy curls piled atop her head.

A small, barely there diamond stud adorned her left nostril. And when she’d turned to walk away, he’d noticed shooting stars tattooed on the back of her neck. The tattoo disappeared beneath the fabric, which dipped low between her shoulder blades.

“Better close your mouth and stop drooling or everyone will know you’ve still got a thing for Sloane Sutton,” Parker Abbott, his best friend, and first cousin said matter-of-factly.

“I didn’t have a thing for Sloane Sutton.” Benji straightened his navy tuxedo jacket, hoping he wouldn’t be struck by lightning for the whopper of a lie he’d just told.

Of course, he’d had a thing for Sloane.

He’d been a red-blooded teenage boy and she was…well, she was Sloane Sutton. Confident, beautiful, funny, slightly irreverent.

She hadn’t thought him strange because he preferred Star Trek marathons and sci-fi books, to spending time playing outside. Nor had she ridiculed him for his fascination with computer programming and astronomy or his love of data. Instead, she’d told him how smart he was, and that one day he’d change the world. She’d said it with such confidence, she’d made him believe it, too.

How could he not have a thing for her?

“I know that reading people isn’t my thing,” Parker said, “but if that wasn’t the very definition of having a thing for someone, I’ll marry Kayleigh Jemison.” He nodded toward the woman he’d escorted down the aisle during the wedding ceremony.

Parker and Kayleigh had been at each other’s throats for as long as Benji could remember. But since Kayleigh was close friends with Parker’s new sister-in-law, he’d been charged with escorting her down the aisle.

“Speaking of having a thing for someone.” Benji chuckled.

“Me? Have a thing for Kayleigh?” Parker’s cheeks colored, though he dismissed the idea with a wave of his hand. “You must’ve fallen and banged your head.”

The wedding photographer beckoned them, indicating it was time to join the rest of the wedding party for some group shots.

Benji was thankful for the distraction. Still, he couldn’t help scanning the crowd, hoping to catch another glimpse of Sloane.


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Falling for the boss, or taking him down?

Savannah Carlisle had the perfect plan. By infiltrating the Abbott family’s Tennessee bourbon empire as their events manager, she’d be one step closer to claiming half of the business they stole from her grandfather. Now, she’s not so sure. Because sexy Blake Abbott, heir to it all, is simply intoxicating. He’s supposed to be the enemy. But after one long, stormy weekend, she’s pregnant with his child….

Blake had more pressing matters to deal with. Production was two weeks behind on the limited-edition moonshines they were rolling out to commemorate the upcoming fiftieth anniversary of King’s Finest Distillery. Once an illegal moonshine operation started by his great-grandfather in the hills of Tennessee, his grandfather had established the company as a legal distiller of premium spirits.

What better way to celebrate their golden anniversary as a legitimate enterprise than to reproduce the hooch that gave them their start?

Getting the project back on track took precedence over hiring an overpriced party planner.

Blake grunted his eyes on the screen. “Too late to reschedule?”

“Technically? No,” a slightly husky voice with an unfamiliar Southern drawl responded. “But then, I am already here.”

Blake’s attention snapped to the source of the voice. His temperature climbed instantly when he encountered the woman’s sly smile and hazel eyes sparkling in the sunlight.

Her dark wavy hair was pulled into a low bun. If she’d worn the sensible gray suit to downplay her gorgeous features, it was a spectacular fail.

“Blake, I’m sorry.” Daisy’s cheeks flushed. Her gaze shifted from him to the woman. “I should’ve—”

“It’s okay, Daisy.” Blake held back a grin. He crossed the room, holding the woman’s gaze. “I’ll take it from here, thanks.”

Daisy shoved a folder into his hands. “Her résumé. In case you can’t find the copy I gave you earlier.”

Blake thanked his assistant. She knew him well and was unbothered by his occasional testiness. It was one of the reasons he went to great lengths to keep her happy.

“Well, Miss—”

“Carlisle.” The woman extended her hand. “But please, call me Savannah.”

Blake shook her hand and was struck by the contrast of the softness of her skin against his rough palm. Electricity sparked on his fingertips. He withdrew his hand and shoved it in his pocket.

“Miss... Savannah, please, have a seat.” He indicated the chair opposite his desk.

She complied. One side of her mouth pulled into a slight grin, drawing his attention to her pink lips.

Were they as soft and luscious as they looked? He swallowed hard, fighting back his curiosity about the flavor of her gloss.

Blake sank into the chair behind his desk, thankful for the solid expanse between them.

He was the one with the authority. So why did it seem that she was assessing him?

Savannah’s Secrets:



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Reese Ryan writes sexy, deeply emotional romances with family drama, surprising secrets, and a posse of deliciously-flawed characters.

A Midwesterner with deep Southern roots, Reese currently resides in semi-small-town North Carolina where she’s an avid reader, a music junkie, and a self-declared connoisseur of cheesy grits.

Visit Reese at and join her VIP Readers email list for free reads, cover reveals, sneak peeks, reader giveaways, and more.

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