HE LOVES YOU NOT (Serendipity #2)

HE LOVES YOU NOT                           TARA BROWN
Among her superrich friends, Lacey Winters never minded being the “poor one.” That is until her tuition money and big dreams vanish overnight. Now Lacey has a plan to make some extra cash—a devilishly brilliant plan. For a fee, she’ll test your boyfriend to find out if he’s faithful or a cheating jerk. Her next target: a slick and sexy trust-fund playboy. Unfortunately for Lacey, his charms aren’t just legend. And before she knows it, she’s under his spell.
It was bad enough that Jordan Somersby’s father forced a spoiled “society princess” on him. Then Jordan had to go and find his dream girl—the beautiful, fun, and down-to-earth Lacey. And he’ll do anything to prove he’s sincere. But pretty soon it’ll be Lacey’s turn to prove that this is not just a game.
Because, when it comes to mixing love and deception, nothing is what it seems. And Lacey and Jordan are about to face the ultimate test.
Loved this story of dysfunction, friendship, family, loving, caring, and so much more.  This was a wild rollercoaster of emotions for me because one of the characters ends up with thyroid cancer which I am a seven-year survivor of also.
     So, this was awesome to find info and the way the families go through the fears, emotions and then walk through it to shore themselves up and do what is necessary to get through.  This author handled it beautifully.
     I really enjoyed Lacey and all the supporting characters.  The relationship, Lacey has with each one, they were each given their own time yet well woven into the storyline.
     She, however, really twisted poor Jordon up into knots.  Yet, not as much as she twisted up herself.  As women, we tend to do that a great deal.  I loved how Marcia’s dad took her on as a second daughter and yet Marcia was so secure in her own place and skin to not feel threatened by that.  Vice versa at Lacey’s house for Marcia.
     Stephen on the other hand, I have to say at the end of the story had grown on me only because Cynthia was such a strong self-confident woman that she knew how to handle him, and he knew it.  That is love.
     I love that at the end one major string didn’t need to be fully tied.  That it could explore options.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com. 

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