HER LIFELINE                                     L.A. CASEY

Erin has had a crush on her brother’s best friend Ward for as long as she can remember. But eleven years ago he disappeared from their lives – breaking Erin’s trust, and her heart.

When the person they both love most – Erin’s brother Tommy – is nearly killed in a terrible crash, she and Ward are thrown back together for the first time. Their lives couldn’t be further apart. Erin still lives at home, working two jobs and dealing with a series of family disasters. Ward, now a multimillionaire entrepreneur and a household name, seems determined to make amends – but it may be just too little too late. And while Erin can’t deny feeling a spark at the sight of Ward, is it a spark of love or burning resentment?

At odds with one another but forced to share their heartache, have Erin and Ward really drifted apart forever, or have they finally found the anchor they both so desperately need?

     What an amazing jigsaw puzzle of twist and turns that just blows you out of the water toward the end and all I can say is “TISSUES!”
     This author has a way of weaving a story so that you are so engulfed in a happy moment and then out of nowhere you’re a sucker puncher from nowhere and it’s a Wow!  Did not see that coming.
     You will see the great highs of friends and family.  But most of all the love and the commitment to one another.  Not to use love or money against one another.  For it to care and give or to use find your true happiness.
     Erin tends to be an enabler to her mother as does Tommy by not allowing her to wake up in her own vomit as long as she is not face down in it.  Allow him to clean, up her own mess.  Anyway, but when Wade comes back home things slowly change.
     Wasn’t sure when she ended up at the cemetery how things would work out was glad for the outcome.  The second chance for Erin was to finally have a life first a foremost but to have it with her secret crush.
     As for Ward, it was his first time to find love ever and that it could be with a person he could trust and who loved him for himself means the world to him.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com. 

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