KISS THE BRIDE (Montana Born Brides #5)

KISS THE BRIDE                                  RACHAEL JOHNS

It seems that wedding fever has hit the little town of Marietta... 

And that suits single mom, Magdalena Davis, just fine. It means the local gossips will stop hounding her about returning to town and the secret she’s kept for fifteen years. Home to make peace with her sick mother, the last thing Mags wants is to get involved in Marietta’s big celebrity wedding. But when her teenage daughter cajoles her into auditioning to sing with a local heartthrob, all her plans for flying under the radar zoom out of the window. 

Country music singer, Jake Kohl, has lost his muse. He’s jaded from years of life in the fast lane and wants to settle in Marietta and lead a normal life. He reluctantly agrees to sing at the celebrity wedding, but what he doesn't expect is his co-singer to reignite his passion. But it’s not just the music she awakes in him. Magdalena makes Jake feel and want things he hasn’t for far too long, but there’s more to her than meets the eye. 

Can Jake solve the mystery that is Magdalena and wins her heart?

     This was a good short that I enjoyed a great deal.  It shows how one slip up can have everlasting ripples.  Because you could never call Bella a mistake.
     Although, Mags was a girl we all have been or been around.  We have done things we wish we could have used better judgment on.  Of course.  No, one should ever have to experience what she did and the ones that make her feel shame are the small-minded gossips of her town.
     The so-called good upstanding people of the community.  Mags handles the situation with more and grace than any of the adults in her life or community.  Bella is a joy in this story.  Sassy and a total media junky like most kids at her age.  Not afraid to say exactly what is on her mind except for the one thing that means the most and it nearly cost them all.
     Jake a country music artist who came to Marietta, Montana to live and set roots for once since he always traveled with music artist parents since birth.  He is roped into this celeb wedding for people he really doesn’t care for but to be a part of the community he agrees.
     The bride comes up with a contest to find a female to complete his duo for the two love songs he’s to sing.  Bella talks Mags into auditioning and she wins.  She is overwhelmed when she knows she is going to be on display for even more gossip.  But Blake is prepared to be there as her front man and protect her and Bella if need be.  He loves her voice but for the first time, it’s her the woman that he is really feeling.  See where this is going to go.
     Will this make a union or is it just a collaboration?  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by 

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