DEALMAKER, HEARTBREAKER (Wickham Falls Weddings Book 6)


When a business deal
Becomes an affair of the heart.

Big-city Noah Wainwright’s always viewed business as a game. But when he stumbles across bed-and-breakfast owner Viviana Remington, she’s playing by different rules. Rules of honor that bring the love-’em-and-leave-’em playboy to his knees. And reserved Viviana’s hardly immune to the real-estate guru’s many charms. When Viv learns how the Wainright family plays the game, though, all bets are off…

     When your young there are events that can cause you to be a person who takes things with a bit of cause.  Signs are always flashing, always.  Vivi’s parent's broken relationship left scars.  Causing her own picker lets call it to be off.
     It seemed the men she picked were takers and never givers.  They were men who never gave of themselves, their time, or their money.  Yet, wanted all those things and more from Vivi.  So, when this last guy almost cost her the family home and land, she swore she would never allow herself to cry over or be taken in by another man.  At that moment she started building her brick wall around herself.
     The Noah walks into her life.  She is beyond grateful for him and his money for sure.  It’s because of him that she will be able to keep her estate, but he is beyond alluring.  He is sinful.  Yet, she knows their paths will meet again because his cousin Giles is married to a friend of hers.
     After talking with, Leland, her brother she finds out he bought the land for more than fair market value.  So, when he comes back to stay, he gets he is getting ready to build, and she knows she’s in trouble.  He looks better now than he did before.
     See how two people from two totally different backgrounds can find common ground.  Enjoyed the conflict but had a problem at certain times how it happens.  Other points the resolve to the conflict comes too soon.  Just seemed odd at some points.  I give this: 4 stars.

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