DESTINED IN LOVE                                 ROSE VERDE

It was just a kiss on a dare. But their lives were altered forever. 
Ruby Campbell is ready for the change of pace associated with summer. She loves her job at the private practice. Until she reports for duty that morning and finds she'll be working with her high school crush, Chase Calder, who broke her heart. Maybe she should be past the fact that the boy she'd fallen in love with had kissed her on a dare then disappeared, but she's definitely not over it.

Chase is back home to help a friend with his practice. He hurt a lot of people before he skipped out twelve years before and this is his chance to make amends. When he finds he'll be working with the only girl who'd ever believed in him, he sees his chance to apologize for humiliating her. Righting his wrongs proves to be more difficult than he imagined and now he doesn't want just her forgiveness, but also her heart. 
     I really enjoyed this totally clean Christian based story.  The most you will get are a few kisses here and there.  But the story, the core itself is solid.  There is scripture quoted but not something to send you running or bore you.  So, no fear there.
   This is a friendship crush from high school that went sideways.  Chase is the sheriff's son of the small island and the bad boy with a rep for trouble.  The thing is he was wickedly smart except for one subject so he got Ruby his secret crush to tutor him.
     Even with glasses and shyness, he thought she was beautiful.  But being the preacher's daughter he never stood a chance.  So, when the guys dared him to kiss him by prom he took the bet.  But once he got to know her, he really wanted to kiss her so didn't want to kiss for the reason the guys would egg him on to do.
     At prom, he fulfills the bet crushing any chance with Ruby ripping both their hearts out.  Now, twelve years later, Chase returns to help one of the pals who egged him on, Ethan.  He and Ruby have a private where they need an extra MD to help.  That would be him.
     Ruby is not happy when it is sprung on her.  As she reports to work.  Twelve years, gone then "Wow, I'm back and hey, I'm a doctor!"  Chase came back to make amends to the people he harmed and give back to the island.
   Chase has to reveal his secrets to Ruby, the town, and to himself also.  He is allowed happiness and I believe Ruby has always been in God's plan.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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