SCORE: Jake's Homecoming

SCORE                                                  ELLIE SNOW

He wanted a little R&R. He got a baby… 

Jake Carter worked hard to leave his small town behind him and find success as a professional hockey player. Returning to Indiana for his sister's wedding, reminded him of all the reasons he could never go back. And the one reason he had to. 

A lot had changed since Jake had left town, and Abigail had too. Having him back put everything she'd done to rebuild her life in question. 

And now the only thing she really needed to know was whether or not he was the man she remembered, and whether or not he would be able to handle the secrets he was coming home to. 

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book also includes 6 BONUS STORIES. All stories are stand-alone with a HEA, so no cliff-hangers! The stories contain mature themes and language and are intended for 18+ readers only. 


     What a fun sweet short that comes with bonus stories attached.  For the sake of time, I am just reviewing the main story.
     This story of Abigale and Jake has to do with them growing up in a small town in Indiana.  Jake always wanted to make it out playing hockey.  His family did everything they could to help him fulfill his dream.  Boy was he living the dream just a little too much now.
     Even when everyone else said, ‘You really need to study for something else in case you don’t make it in the NHL.’  Well, he made it come true.  Now, five years have passed, and he has to come back to attend his sister’s wedding.
     Which gets him thinking of the girl he left behind.  Although, no one knew they were a couple, not even his sister who was her best friend.  For one thing, she was and is his sister’s best friend.  She is also much younger than he is.  Two, he was going to be going away and nothing could get in the way of hockey.
     So, they would have stopped them being together anyway.  Now, he’s back and wants to see her are there any tracks of where she moved to after college?  Will she be there at the wedding?  Is she married with children?  Is she as beautiful as she always was?
     Abigale had her own life to live and none of it was living it up in the grand way that Jake did.  But that was okay.  Because she would never want him to give up anything the way she did.  She wanted him to have his dreams.  She loved him.
     See how this author takes thirty-five pages and gives you a pleasurable second chance love story. 
     I give this: 5 stars.  Got this free on Amazon.

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