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Home after years of living overseas, Lucy Caldwell makes a shocking confession to her best friend. She could live without sex for the rest of her life and never miss it. She doesn't realize the man she's loved forever is in the bar and overhears her alcohol-fueled admission.

Samuel Merrick is horrified when the passionate "brat" he'd once known declares herself frigid. Upon discovering her emotional scars stem from a traumatic event she tried to bury, he vetoes the girlfriends' dangerous scheme of finding a man to help her rediscover her sexuality, offering to fill the role of the lover himself.

What starts as a no-strings arrangement to keep her safe soon becomes an all-consuming passion neither of them is prepared for. Fire burns out of control between them, threatening the very fabric of the friendship they hold so dear. Once the ashes have cooled, will there be anything left to salvage?


 When you’re in a relationship sometimes things can become heated and the arguments can get out of hand.  With a friend you know each other.  You tend to fight more friendly if that makes sense.  Because you do have more at stake.
     Such is the case with Lucy and Sam.  Although at the beginning they are not in a relationship.  Sam is helping Lucy with a dilemma she is having.  All stemming from a trauma she suffers while living in Australia, the last six years.
     She finds herself ready to move on from the after effects that plague her and is causing her dating life to fail.  The last date she went on was with her best friend’s cousin, he called her frigid, after their fourth date.  She along with Suzie her friend was throwing back shots at the local bar, discussing it.
     Trying to figure out a way to fix her problem.  One being that she find me to help her through this rough patch.  Men who are willing to guide her through knowing she’s been hurt.  When she says something like, “Or I could never have sex again and not even know it was missing.”
     When a male voice says behind her, “That would be a shame.  You just haven’t found the right mate yet.  Now that’s a crime.”  When she turns it’s none other than her wet dream himself, Sam, her deceased brother’s best friend.  He has haunted more than a few of her dreams making it hard on any guy who wanted to try and date her.  He was her secret crush.
     Little did she know he has one on her too.  An interesting take on a crush story, older brother’s best friend twist.  Which is that the trauma that Lucy suffered, and the big brother has been dead for several years.  You see Sam made a promise to protect his sister when they were kids.  Her brother died while they were adults in a car accident, so he was taking it to the next level.  Meaning hides his feelings don’t tell her. 
     Even Lucy’s mother who more or less raised, Sam thought he was crazy.  Everyone could tell he loved her.  In fact, when she came home, she has several people say for her not to hurt him because he does love her.  Why didn’t anyone warn her?  Why did they assume she was the bad guy?
     I enjoyed this book in that she and Sam had this love for each other.  Although had her mother, Janet not stepped in where would they be?  The thing that got me is that Sam was made out to be this great guy.
     After a while, his hero role to everyone got on my nerves.  Because hey if he was that great guy wouldn’t he have talked her into therapy.  Or told her how he felt about her and started a relationship and then helped her work through it openly?
     Anyway, other than my rant about Sam he redeems himself when he finally with a shove from Janet.  He tells Lucy the truth.  Yay!
     I give this: 3 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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