PREGNANT BY THE BILLIONAIRE (Billionaires & Babies Book 3)


Donovan Fitz lives by the saying: Go big or go home. And what could be bigger, and draw more attention to him and his mega-billion-dollar video game business, than creating a reality TV show about his quest for a wife? He’ll just have to deal with the distraction of his sexy producer, Melissa Hampton, and try to forget the amazing night they spent together. It’s all about the show, the attention, the ego-building blaze of publicity…until he finds out Melissa’s pregnant with his baby. Now all Donovan wants is her. But the plot twist of becoming a father while still looking for a wife is rating gold and could be the big-break Melissa deserves. If only he can convince the camera-shy Melissa that putting their story out there would be good for both of them. 

Melissa is terrified—and excited—at the prospect of becoming a mother. And if she’s honest, Donovan’s excitement about becoming a father is sweet. What’s not sweet at all is the pressure to use her pregnancy as a dramatic twist in their reality show. She craves a quiet life at the edges of show business and doesn’t want anything to do with the spotlight. In the end, though, Melissa knows she can’t hide completely if their show is going to bring in the ratings. Too bad that means she can’t trust a thing Donovan says to her while the cameras are rolling. 

The reality is, though, she’s fallen in love with him, despite her determination not to. And now Donovan must figure out which will crush her less: killing her career-making show or letting her ignore just how right they are for each other. 

This novel contains sexual content and profanity.

     The book opens with Donovan delivering, an idea to the network heads about using him as a bachelor in need of a wife, quickly.
     Of course, their would-be rooms in his home that they would not be allowed in no matter what.  His bedroom, his meditational room, his work gaming room, and private gaming room.  You see he is the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar video gaming business and a designer.  This is a great way to gain media coverage for his business.
     Yet, what is driving this venture is the million-dollar bet he has going with his buddy Nick after his other buddy, Brian surprises them and really got married.  After the three had sworn off marriage.  So, Nick and he bet who would marry first.  Donovan did not plan on losing.
     On the first day of the pitch, he sees a woman who catches his eye.  It turns out to be Melissa, who will be the producer of the show.  He asks her to come for a business dinner that same evening so they can go over things for the show.  Plus, he can give her the floor plan and which rooms are off limits.  She agrees.
     Now, three glasses of wine and dinner later she has already figured out going home in her car is a no-no.  Where one thing leads to another.  Donovan is hard to resist. 
     As much as Melissa hates the limelight in order to provide a living and do what she loves she may have to make allowances.  That could cost the privacy she cherishes.  Her baby will be a part of this, and she may have to be a bigger part of the show too.  Something Donovan wanted all along so he can have Melissa be the last woman in his life.
     The two characters are rather hard to read at times.  You do see the depth of their love as well as see it develop.  I enjoy the sexual tension and the humorous banter that follows.  Even after their so-called one and done.  Proving some can hold bigger connections then you first think.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by 

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