SHAKEN (Santa Clarita Love Stories #1)

SHAKEN                                              EVANGELINE KELLY

An Inspirational Christian Romance
Olivia Donovan fell for her brother’s best friend, Jax, years ago and thought the feeling was mutual. How wrong she’d been. He’d invited her to meet him at the oak tree at her parent’s house, and then never showed up. She avoided him for years and moved on with another boyfriend.
On the day of her move to a new city, Olivia’s brother informed her that he wouldn’t be available to help, but not to worry, he set up a replacement. When Jax Hunter showed up at Olivia’s door, she was determined not to like him. After all, he was the stereotypical bad boy from her high school days and she wanted nothing to do with him.
But when a colossal event took place, relationships were tested and character revealed. Truth always has a way of rising to the surface. Will Olivia be able to trust God to make the biggest decision of her life? Or will she let the fear from her past hold her back?

     I have to say I believe that for all of 81 pages this was a very sweet love story and a second chance.  To be able to do things right.  As a couple and with following God’s word in their lives.
     Jax had grown p practically in Noah and Olivia’s home.  His dad was hardly ever around.  When he was things were extremely tense.  His parents wanted a doctor, lawyer, or accountant in the family.  But that was not Jax.  He was the Casanova of the school.  The true bad boy who raced vintage cars as well as worked on them.
     Not to mention women and all the girls at the school fell all over themselves to be around him if not to date him.  Olivia was secretly one of the many girls who wanted to be his girls.  She knew he only saw her at most as a friend and the very least as his best friend’s little sister.
     Yet, when Olivia turns eighteen, Jax kisses her and gets her to agree to meet him at midnight in their backyard by the oak tree.  When she gets there, Jax is nowhere around.  At that moment, Jax becomes public enemy number one.  For the last six years, she has done all she could to avoid him.
     Now though, she would be moving in next door to her brother in Santa Clarita from San Diego.  To be near her boyfriend of five years.  The last two years have been long distance.   So, she hoped the move would help at least with the strain she feels it has put on their relationship.
     Since she was giving up a great job with great pay for a different job altogether for less pay.  Keeping them both in mind and in the back knowing there was now a greater chance of running into Jax.
     When she gets a call from her brother saying he can’t help but was sending a replacement.  You got it, Jax.  Then her boyfriend calls and says he can’t make it because he has to work.  She is not happy.
     There was enough conflict to keep it interesting.  Enough courtship by Jax to keep the romance part going, the only part I had a problem with is how she allows her boyfriend to get away with so much. 
     She just wouldn’t confront him with the true facts out of fear or just being dense, not sure which.  So, for that, I have to drop it a star.  For it really bugged me and plus she was mean and confronted Jax but not “Harry!”
     I give this: 4 stars. Free from Amazon.  Follow us at

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