UNEXPECTED (Start Up in the City #1)

UNEXPECTED                                    KELLY RIMMER

Co-parenting with her best friend. What could go wrong? The next three decades of Abby Herbert's life are as carefully planned out as the last three were. Best career ever? Check. Great friends, one of whom she lives within a stunning Tribeca apartment? Check. The perfect man to share her dream family? Surely just a matter of time. But then she gets devastating news from her doctor--if she wants to get pregnant, she needs to get started on that by...well, yesterday. On the bright side, she has the perfect person in mind to be the father. Tech entrepreneur Marcus Ross has been harboring decidedly not-friends feelings toward Abby. He doesn't want to lose her and, knowing his feelings are one-sided, he's been trying to move on. When he learns about the curveball Abby's just been hit with, he promises to be there for her however she wants him to be, even if the idea of fatherhood is a little complicated for him right now. But it isn't long until boundaries start to blur, and a deal struck between friends starts to turn into something perilously close to feelings that could change everything... 


     What an endearing book of two friends who were truly that f-r-i-e-n-d-s. That no matter what they were there for each other.  Happy, sad, bad relationships, new relationships, and all the in between.  Therefore all of it.  But when it came to needing a test tube baby daddy Marcus’s very neurotic friend, Abby asked his twin brother, Luca.
     The reason being, Marcus never was one to want marriage and children.  Where Abby has always wanted them to an all-out obsession.  In fact, she has a baby book.  Not just any baby book as you and I would think of but the mother of all baby books.  This is one she has been putting together for years that gives you the 411 on how to.
     How to care for yourself before getting pregnant, to getting pregnant, to being pregnant, to having said baby, to having an infant, you get what I’m saying.  I mean she even has how she will find the perfect man who is a gamer to understand her job, they will have a dog, and where they will.
     But when a check-up doesn’t go as planned, she has to think fast.  That is when Luca is called to meet with her.  Luca is not the one she gets along with they don’t hate each other they are just not besties like her and Marcus.  Yet, when Marcus says no, she feels pressured to tell Marcus her plan to find a donor daddy at the clinic.  She never would have told him, but Luca said he would if she didn’t.
     So, Abby had to spill her guts about her medical condition and about wanting a baby fast.  This is when the story takes an interesting turn.  This deals with medical issues that are real that Abby has to deal with daily.  She hates dealing with reality, confrontation, and emotions so this causes her to delay telling Marcus.  Causing hurt feelings.
     So, you add emotions, humor, extended friends and their families and you have a basis for this really enjoyable story.  I mean who hasn’t had a dream.  Although, Abby’s is extreme.  Her friends tell her, but you have to remember she lives in a dream world most of the day, she is CEO and creator of a successful gaming company.  Not to mention everything outside her pod is overwhelming for her.
     Marcus being her lifelong friend gets her and has never judged her for it or begrudged her for it.  Yes, he was insensitive with the women he once dated the ones and done.  Or the months and done.  But never Abby.  Which has been his longest relationship, granted it has been platonic.  He as always been true to her.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.

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