COLLIDE (The Collide Series Book 1)

COLLIDE                                              NICOLE SOBON

Three simple words were all it took to change their lives forever. 

Losing a loved one is hard. Learning to survive in their absence? That’s even harder. For Gemma Michaels, life had become difficult following her brother’s death, but the one thing that kept her afloat was the one thing she knew she shouldn’t have desired – her best friend, Ben. 

He’d made a promise to her brother – to protect her, no matter what. For Ben, that had meant that she was off limits. But then she slips and tells him the three words he’s been waiting to hear. 

Love happens when you least expect it. 

     Okay, I hate doing this kind of review let that be said.  I really did try and save this author this star review.  I went looking on Net Galley to see if maybe just maybe I missed where it said C-L-I-F-F-H-A-N-G-E-R! Banging my head on the wall.
     You know how much I hate these but even worse is when an author takes a whole novel and chops it up for sales.  SAY, What?!
     Needless to say, I am not a happy camper at all.  Just as you are trying to, and I mean trying to like Ben the male lead character who is a douche in the book.  It puts you in the cliffhanger.
     Nowhere, are you told that this is an extremely short essay.  Only that it is a book 1.  Nowhere does it tell you that it will leave you in a cliffhanger.  Not to mention with a whole lot of questions about this guy Ben.
     She plays him off as a good guy but with a whole lot of mean, not just bad I'm telling you, mean qualities.  Oh, I don’t know tell your best friend who you’ve had a crush on forever you’ll take her to prom.  For once she’s out of her shell willing to overcome her anxiety for this event to primp and do all the things a girl does to go with her crush but more than that her Best Friend.
     But right before he gets a girlfriend and she wants to go so he leaves Gemma hanging to go alone.  Then, all these years later tells her.  Don’t get me wrong Gemma should have reset his family jewels back then. But especially at this moment in time when he’s professing, he’s been crushing on her for years.  BS!  Gemma, remember he’s the same douche bag that was just checking out the redhead’s tonsils to see if he could get to her vagina a faster way?  You remember the one sitting on his lap at the club not eight hours ago.
     But no, when he says he too is in love with you after you said it the night before.  But he won’t kiss you because he wants to do it right WITH YOU.  Really?!  Why does it feel like Playboy is playing her to get her to bed and then move on?  Being the player, he is who likes to control.  The whole Dom and Sub.
     Nope, not a fan of long stories chopped up or cliffhangers especially when you’re not upfront with the reader.

     I give this: 1 star.  Provided by  
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